10 Splendid wall colors for your bedroom

Looking for a calm or mysterious vibe, a relaxing space or just a beautiful room where you can enjoy a day at home just doing nothing or reading? Well, then see our ten suggestions for the perfect and most splendid wall color for your dreamy bedroom:

1. Dusty pink

If you are a dreamer and you wish for a very modern bedroom, pick dusty pink as your wall color. Combine this splendid shade with a lot of white elements and cool and minimal furniture that will make this interior looking very inspiring.

2. White with a little touch of grey

Don’t pick the regular white for your bedroom, but a slightly greyer white that really bring a cool and modern vibe into a relaxing space like this one. Add also artsy framed pictures leafs and plants for the perfect space where you can chill at home.

3. The lovely eggnog

This splendid shade goes great with neutrals or glam shades and brings out a very creative and modern bedroom. Also, pair it with exotic elements and colorful framed pictures for a very happy and stylish space.

4. Soft black

A mix between black and grey, this splendid shade is perfect for a minimal, Scandi or elegant bedroom that has a chic and artsy twist to it. Pair it with green plants, relaxing framed pictures and neutral sheets and you will love the dreamy result.

5. Peacock blue

The elegant peacock blue wall color is perfect for a Parisian chic bedroom or a mid century inspired one. Its show class, drama and personality and you will love the splendid result especially if you pair it with framed art and a velvet bed and bench.

6. Dark royal blue

Perfect for a masculine home, or a room inspired by the blue ocean and that makes you think of vacation, the royal blue wall color also shows elegance and style. Pair it with white and brown, in all its shades and you will love the stylish result your bedroom will have.

7. Light ocean blue

Pair this calm light ocean blue wall color with Moroccan inspired motifs and you will love the gorgeous result. Also, pair with light brown, tribal deco items and dreamy tree branches.

8. Light green

This relaxing shade gets really splendid when paired with white, blue, nude colors or the dreamy pink. Also, pair it with exotic elements, tropical oversized plants and anything that can set a vacation mood in this lovely room.

9. Grey green

The green grey wall color goes great for an elegant or boho chic bedroom. It really makes you think of nature and it can make any tribal or Ethno print really stand out. Also, pair it with a lot of nature inspired elements made out of wood or rattan.

10. Almost black

Perfect for a room filled with neutral furniture and deco items, the almost black wall color will give a great constant to an interior like this one. Also, it can create a dreamy mysteries vibe that’s perfect for a space this.


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