7 Easy tricks to make any kind of room looking luxurious

Having a luxurious home isn’t that expensive, all you need to do is follow some easy rules and use cute inexpensive tricks that will make your home look dreamy and rich. Experts from McGuire Property Management & Sales offered some of their favorite tips on how to add a luxurious touch to your home. All you need is some time and creativity. So without further ado, here are seven lovely advices for a cool and elegant home with a luxurious touch:

1. Make a big bedroom looking gorgeous with easy tricks

You don’t need a lot of furniture and deco items to make a large bedroom looking dreamy. All you need to do is pick some easy deco tricks that fill in the space like, a big colorful rug with an eye catchy or ethno print, oversized plants, cool wallpaper or a dreamy canopy around your bed.

2. Get inspired by a hotel bedroom

Make your bedroom simple, gorgeous and practical like a hotel room. Pick a big, comfortable bed and two identical nightstands and decorate them with style. Add candles, vases with fresh flowers, but also retro items that remind you of glam hotels around the years – a vintage telephone, a stylish lamp or some cute framed pictures in golden frames.

3. Pick textures, before colors

A neutral room full of texture will look better and more luxurious than a colorful one without textures. So, in a neutral space pick printed curtains, textured rugs, puffy covers and deco pillows with different textures.

4. Choose luxurious details

From luxurious colors that remind you of jewels to luxurious textures like silk, you can have different luxurious touches in any kind of home. Also, add metallic details, especially in a gold shade that will instantly give a room a more luxurious vibe.

5. Make a difference!

A lot of people buy the same furniture, like the cool and practical one from IKEA. But, you can personalize it in an easy way by painting cabinets or drawers in luxurious and bold colors or picking different handles for some pieces of furniture. Your home will look stylish and will get unique luxurious vibe.

6. Create a unique gallery wall

A gallery wall always stands out in a room, so pick it your lovely wannabe luxurious home. But, instead of buying art, just print your favorite photos or just paint or draw yourself (if you have talent of course). Also, pick a matching color pattern and a common motif like abstract pictures, Hollywood actors or artsy landscapes for the dreamy gallery wall.

7. Make your bathroom looking luxurious by using special bottles

Think about your favorite hotel bathroom and make your own looking like one. Make everybody who walks in welcomed like a hotel guest and use eye catchy bottles and towels. Add also candles, framed pictures, towels rolled up in baskets and fresh flowers. Those kinds of bottles aren’t expensive at all; just pick the ones with a vintage shade or with cool black and white prints.

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