11 Summer House Renovation Ideas

A summerhouse is a wonderful investment. You can either use it to spend relaxing summer holidays or rent it out to someone else to do the same. Either way, you are getting numerous benefits.

Keeping the summerhouse in top shape is the key to your enjoyment and its longevity. A smart approach to renovations can save you money in the long run while allowing you to use the house all summer long.

Renovating experts form AFS General Contracting agreed to share useful renovation ideas.

1. Build A Deck

Upgrading your backyard is one of the easiest ways to get a solid ROI. It adds the living space to the house at a relatively low price.

Summer is the time to enjoy the outdoors. That’s why keeping your yard in top shape is imperative. A deck can give you a place to drink a cup of coffee in the evening while enjoying the stars. It can also be a strategic spot for your barbecue parties.

2. Renovate The Kitchen

Kitchen renovations usually show the best return on investment. There are many different ways to approach a kitchen renovation. Everything depends on your budget. You can improve your kitchen without emptying your wallet by doing the following:

  • Use open shelves instead of cabinets. You don’t need to replace the cabinets. Purchase open shelves or simply remove the cabinet doors. Open shelving is really trendy at the moment.
  • Invest in energy-efficient appliances. Even though a new fridge, stove, and dishwasher may not be budget-friendly, the money you’ll save on the energy bills is bound to be substantial. Meanwhile, you can increase the value of your home.

Smart tip: You can save on many energy-efficient appliances by using the Energy Star rebate program.  

  • Consider getting ceiling tiles in order to add some color to your kitchen. Colorful kitchens are very popular right now. Ceiling tiles are a moderately priced way to modernize your house.
  • Replace the backsplash. You’d be amazed how different your kitchen can look with a new backsplash.

3. Liven Up Your Bathroom

The next best way to get a return on investment when renovating your summer home is to take care of your bathroom. While plumbing renovation is a complicated project, there are many other ways to make your bathroom look excellent.

  • Make tile accents. Plain floors may look nice but they don’t have any zest. Adding single accent tiles to floors and walls can change the appearance of your bathroom dramatically.
  • Add a glass shower door. It may be a hassle to clean, but a glass shower door makes your bathroom look exciting, modern, and luxurious. A shower cabin door can make your small bathroom appear larger.
  • Install a heated towel bar. It may not be budget-friendly, but this addition can make your next vacation amazing. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a warm towel when stepping out of the shower? Such simple perks immediately add value to your house
  • Provide entertainment. Water resistant radios and TVs have been around for years. Make showering fun and listen to music or watch your favorite movie.

4. Do Some Painting

Painting is the easiest way to renovate your summerhouse without investing too much money and effort. Most painting projects can be done without any professional assistance. In fact, they can be completed over the weekend.

Take painting one room at a time, and in a month, you’ll have a fully renovated home. Invest in the brightly colored paint. More often than not summer homes are associated with vacations and holidays. Colorful walls add to the feeling.

Consider adding a fresh coat of paint to the outside walls of your house. It can be a DIY project as well.

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