How to Make Your Bathroom More Accessible and Stylish

Living with a disability can be limiting if your home space does not cater for easy access and simple solutions. This may be something that you need to consider in your home. If so, don’t panic, as there are various solutions and ways in which you can completely redesign your home so that you can move around with total ease. There is no reason to feel limited within your own home. If you haven’t made any changes yet, a good place to start is your bathroom. Never underestimate the power that relaxation and cleanliness have on the body. Your bathroom should be a spa getaway, in which you can maneuver around with ease, and to accomplish this dream, all you need to do is ensure it has these three things.

Add Easy Storage

Easy-access storage is one aspect that many people forget, particularly those who do not have a disability themselves, and yet it is so crucial for the function of any room. In the bathroom, you will need easy access to bathing materials, towels, and even cleaning supplies. There is a lot that a bathroom needs to be stocked up on, and with a stylish cabinet or other accessible storage unit, you can easily have everything you need on hand. Add décor to the shelves or on top of it, from indoor plants to even scented candles, and you’re well on your way to transforming your bathroom.

Add Easy Access

Of course, the biggest difficulty in any bathroom will always be the bathtub or shower unit. Bathtubs are difficult to get into, and if the shower space is too small, then that poses risks and difficulties in and of themselves. That is why a specially designed shower or tub is imperative. A walk-in shower that does not require any steps can be the perfect complement to any spa-inspired room, whereas those who like or need to soak can benefit from a walk-in tub. Various options are available from Mobility Plus to get help get you inspired. Both options have merit, but if you need help choosing just one, you can read more here.

Ensure Beautiful Design

Just because your bathroom needs to be accessible, does not mean you should compromise on the style and design. In some cases, your bathroom will automatically become more regal due to the retrofitting process, as many bathrooms will require a complete renovation in order to increase their size. If you want to take it up a notch, however, look towards more traditional areas. Change out the floors to a beautiful tile, paint the walls a soothing color, and add in accents that jump out, such as copper taps or beautiful lighting. This will help add that extra personal touch to the space, that will ensure your bathroom feels like a calming and stylish oasis, as opposed to a limiting space designed for functionality and practicality only.


Your bathroom can be just as beautiful as it is functional. You should never worry about inconveniencing other members of your family. Not only are these options great for you, but they will also be great for the rest of your family as well. You should feel at home and free in your own home, which means that the design should be made with you in mind.

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