Why are subway tiles back in the deco trends and how to style them

Subway tiles are pieces which bring out a retro look in a home, that’s also still cool and modern. They made a huge comeback along with the minimal style that features white subways tiles in kitchens and bathrooms and that look is pretty great. I also wanted them for my bathroom because they are so simple yet chic and you can write on them or match them with modern drawings or other neutral tiles to make a cute design scheme.

So, as I said above, their timeless style and versatile look made these vintage tiles come back and home interior designers found a new cool meaning for them. From a stylish, minimal, farmhouse or industrial kitchen or dining space to s Scandinavian, Spa inspired, chic or minimal bathroom, you can use the subway tiles in any of this day to day situations and we will show you how:

Use them for your kitchen space

When picking white subway tiles for your kitchen you can go with several color schemes for your dreamy cabinets or table or chairs. You can great a cool contrast perfect for a minimal or farmhouse kitchen using white vs. black or you can make an all white kitchen perfect for Parisian chic or minimal spaces. If you are planning for something soft, pick grey or blue and you will love the stylish result this space will have. Going for a more traditional or farmhouse kitchen or one that perfect for a vacation home? Then, combine the white tiles with an elegant green or a light brown, it will look simply lovely!

Next, pair these lovely tiles with wooden shelves where you can add al sort of minimal or dreamy kitchen utensils or deco objects. Add also framed pictures and small flowers pots that will look super gorgeous. Also, make a statement next to them using a dreamy lamp that has a golden shade or something that will make a great contrast with these tiles.

Use them for your bathroom

Starting with a minimal home pick the subway tiles and just adds cool items around them in neutral colors, make a black and white or white and brown contrast and let this room have a simple, yet trendy vibe. Continuing with a glam vibe, pair these versatile tiles with a stylish cabinet, glam deco items in gold, cool bath products and also a chic framed photo.

The retro bathroom can’t miss from this scenario; just pair the tiles with a vintage inspired bathtub, some dreamy green plants, neutral cabinets and a cute printed rug. Next up, we have the modern space with the cool black steel and minimal deco items that are perfect when paired with white tiles and also green plants. Last but not least, pick the white subway tiles for a Spa looking bathroom filled with orchids and exotic plants and modern white cabinets.

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