Top tips for decorating an office space

The office; the chances are that you spend long hours of your life working at your desk, sharing and spending time with colleagues and dreaming up great ideas. However, if you are currently working in a drab and dismal office space, then this can affect the overall mood and creativity levels of your workforce, and make people feel trapped and depressed. It can be difficult decorating an office space, as you want to balance out professionalism with style and comfort. However, just as you would on a daily basis, put your colleagues first and keep these top tips in mind when you are looking to add a new lease of life to your office.


Remember, that for a successful business you will need to ensure that you have a great team. The same rules apply when it comes to updating and rethinking your office space also. If you are thinking of making any serious changes to your workspace, then be sure to consult with your colleagues to get their input. You could even consider scheduling in an away day such as at Cincinnati Escape Room, to help team rapport. Make sure that you all sit down and brainstorm ideas as to how you would like your office to look and feel. If you ensure that all of your colleagues are involved, from the most junior upwards, then you will be left with a space that is both stylish and practical, while remaining as unique as your business.

Go green

If you are keen to add a new lease of life to your office space, but are unsure where to start, or perhaps your budget is smaller than planned, then you cannot go wrong with adding some greenery to your workspace. Choose ferns and plants that do not drop leaves to avoid creating a mess and an eyesore when visitors come to your workspace. You can also opt for succulents or plants that do not require too much watering or attention, meaning that they will last longer and add an element of luxury to your office. Finally, finish off with some exotic or seasonal flowers at your reception, and you will make visitors instantly feel welcome.

Color and personality

If you are looking to decorate an office space, then it is vital that you enable your workforce to display and showcase their creativity and personality also. Allow your colleagues to decorate their desks, as photos and trinkets will make any visitor or interviewee feel more inclined to want to work for you. While you might want to keep the overall look very corporate, it is important that you embrace individuality to allow those creative juices to keep flowing.

If you are looking to decorate your office space but are unsure where to start, then get your entire team together to brainstorm and share ideas. Do go green and add plants and greenery to your workspace. Allow your teams to decorate their workspace also, as this will allow for creativity and personality to shine through – plus those all important ideas will keep coming.


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