Top 10 Pinterest entryways

Your entryway – sometimes the most important thing in a welcoming home – makes the first impression for your lovely guest. So, we searched for the cutest and most stylish entryways and ranked them just for you. So, here is our dreamy top 10 Pinterest entryways. Here we go, from the bottom to the top:

10. Retro mood – Make your hallway that dreamy place that reminds you of a childhood ranch or small house in the nature. Bring an oversized plant and some retro items and welcome your guests into a dreamy scenario.


9. Modern day – Style a dreamy bench or table with eye catchy objects that will make your guests to admire nonstop your cute entryway.

8. Blue dream – Mix neutrals with a dreamy and relaxing color such as blue and bring your guests into a beautiful home filled with calmness.

7. Shabby mood – This dreamy entryway fits perfectly a minimal home or a Scandinavian or boho space where black and white combines with greenery and wooden elements. Besides being stylish and dreamy, it’s also relaxing and shows your guest you’re living in a beautiful oasis.

6. Glam day – Bring a little bit of elegance into your hallway by adding a mid century element like a lamp. You will state the fact that your guest are walking into a sophisticated home where everything is well picked, in soft shades and pretty fancy.

5. Exotic touch – If you’re a vacation passionate, this kind of hallway is perfect for you! Add oversized cactuses, rattan chairs and welcome your guest into an urban jungle.


4. Boho dream – Make your hallway also a relaxing hang out space filled with dreamy plants and printed pillows and carpets. Show your guest you’re super friendly and always in the mood for sharing stories.


3. Artsy scenario – Bring works of art into your entryway and make this space a small teaser of your personality and taste. This will help your guests to learn a little bit more about you and you will receive bonus personality points for your home design.

2. Modern jungle – Surprise your guests with a little imagination game by adding a lookalike jungle in your entryway. Pick an inspired statement picture featuring cute animals and also oversized plants and a wooden bench.

1. Chill out spot – Make your entryway the perfect waiting but also reading corner, where your guests can sit and read a magazine or just start a great conversation with you before entering a dinner party.


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