5 Dreamy small pools for tiny backyards

It’s time for a magical summer and for that to begin you need a dreamy pool for hot day and a gorgeous backyard or why not, a pool party! So as tiny as your backyard is, don’t stress out! You can add a dreamy tiny pool anywhere, in any space, and they will look as splendid as the big ones. So, here are seven gorgeous examples for you:

1. Dreamy oasis

Plant big trees next to your small pool and make everything a modern jungle or a lovely oasis where you will find small backyard sofas or armchairs filled with dreamy pillows. Add also a cool retro bar that looks like the one from a beach resort and a lot of dreamy white flowers. You can always ad an above ground pool for an extra touch of dreaminess.

2. The dining space

Add a beautiful dining space next to your dining space and make this corner the perfect place for a swim and also a chic party with friends. Pick wooden or Riviera inspired furniture or anything in Earthy tones and enjoy your home at it was a stylish terrace by the sea.


3. Backyard oasis

Surround your dreamy tiny pool with oversized plants and add next to them relaxing chairs that make your backyard looking like a fabulous beach. All there is left is a free day at home and some delicious beverages.

4. Colorful spot

Get inspired by the colorful beaches in Italy and pick a fabulous umbrella for your tiny pool that will transform the whole spot in a fancy wannabe sea destination. Get lucky with a warm forecast and spend a day there on a fabulous neutral chair.

5. Resort vibe

Besides surrounding a tiny pool with oversized plants, pick also some details you often find on the beach like raffia or rattan or make a dreamy  thatch rooftop. You will love your home hideaway that can become the perfect relaxation spot after a busy day.

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  1. Love the tiny outdoor pools!
    1) Can tiny inground pools be saltwater/brackish water?
    2) Are there any fish that would survive in a tiny zone 7 INGROUND brackish/saltwater pool?
    Thank You,