The kitchen dresser: queen of traditional kitchen design

And queen of modern kitchen design too?

When it comes to traditional kitchen design we spend time deliberating over the shaker style cabinetry, choosing limestone flooring, selecting the Aga cooking appliance,  and picking our Belfast sink. The humble kitchen dresser slips seamlessly into the traditional kitchen design scheme without as much as a second thought.

 Dressers and country kitchens go together like scones and jam. There’s no reason to question why they fit together. They just do.

The kitchen dresser has an established place in the country kitchen. In the past, it was chosen as a functional necessity, rather than the star attraction it has become. The image we bring to mind when we think of the kitchen dresser is often one stacked and creaking with oodles of crockery, knick-knacks, collections of jugs, and much more. In these instances, the beauty of the dresser pales into insignificance behind the weight of the kitchen heirlooms it struggles to display.

Unfortunately, the kitchen dresser has gained a bit of a reputation as being the holding place for anything else that doesn’t have a home. It’s what puts many people off choosing a dresser to stand as queen in their new kitchen design. The dresser is often seen as the clutter magnet of old-fashioned kitchen design.

Yes, for sure, the dresser can become a clutter magnet. If you let it. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. And we’d like to debunk the myth that the kitchen dresser only has a place in a traditional kitchen. It simply isn’t true. Kitchen dressers are the most overlooked furniture hero in kitchen design. Here are four great reasons why the dresser is the queen (or king) of kitchen design.

Quite simply, a dresser adds soul

There’s something very heartfelt about the kitchen dresser. While the kitchen is lauded as the heart of the home, we think the kitchen dresser is truly the heart of any kitchen. A kitchen dresser painted in your favourite Farrow & Ball paint colour is the perfect way to add a bit of soul to your kitchen design.

Many bespoke kitchen designs incorporate a dresser in some form or another (like these at The Brighton Kitchen Company). When people say to their kitchen designer they want a kitchen with functionality, the dresser creeps in every time. Call it a custom-made cupboard unit if you like. But, isn’t a cabinet with cupboards at the bottom and open shelving up top actually a dresser? Either way, if it’s soul you want in your kitchen design, add the dresser to your list of must-haves.

Dressers break up the monotony of modern kitchen design

Don’t make the mistake of confining dressers to the domain of the country kitchen. A kitchen dresser doesn’t have to be an antique handed down as a family heirloom or purchased from a house clearance sale or a salvage yard. Contemporary dressers are becoming more popular and can really add something extra to modern kitchen design.

While some love the streamlined look of the modern kitchen (we do too), a contemporary dresser can break up the monotony of cabinetry. A dresser is also useful for defining workspace in kitchen design. The dresser you choose doesn’t have to be huge. Compact designs are popular and can add a charming edge to any modern space. They can be purchased on a budget too.

Dressers offer brilliant storage

True to form, the utilitarian nature of the dresser can’t be ignored. The humble dresser has a purpose and boy is it good at what it is designed to do. Ample storage in its lower cupboards and drawers keeps unsightly kitchen paraphernalia hidden away, while shelves and glass-fronted cupboards above allow your best crockery to shine.

The best kitchen remodels make efficient use of every inch of space. The kitchen dresser is quite simply brilliant for storage. Use as a showcase for your best glass and china, or for extra storage pick one with cupboards, drawers and pull-out baskets.

Dressers add an interesting story to every kitchen

There’s something very special about a time-honoured piece of furniture, and an antique statement can work equally well in a modern home. There’s an art to mixing modern with antique. Get your kitchen designer to help you, and you’ll have a characterful kitchen that will most definitely stand out from the crowd.

Every antique dresser has a story. Some sported porridge drawers – freshly made porridge used to be poured into a tin-lined porridge drawer to cool. Cold slices of porridge were later taken to work for lunch. Having a slice of history in your kitchen adds interest, character and charm.

If you are about to redesign your kitchen, you may want to consider including a kitchen dresser. They are quite simply the queen in almost any kitchen design.


photo via thebrightonkitchencompany

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