How To Make Your Bedroom Feel Serene

For a good night’s sleep, your bedroom design should encourage calm and relaxation. You need sleep in order to lead a healthy lifestyle, so make sure you’re getting the best quality sleep you can. Doing so is easy, you just need to make a few adjustments to the environment of your bedroom and change your evening routine. Making your bedroom feel serene and comfortable will ensure that you have a place to retreat to and wind down after a long day. You should always be on the lookout for ways to improve how relaxing you find your bedroom, so think about adding a salt lamp and extra plants and candles.

Décor Position

How you position your bedroom furniture is important for the overall feel of your bedroom. Having a crowded room with a mishmash of furniture at different heights and widths isn’t conducive for relaxation, so pay attention to how you display items in your bedroom. The position of your bed is especially important, as is the mattress you choose. You should aim to have your bed facing a window and positioned in the middle of your bedroom. During your move, you can ask the movers to place everything properly in the room. If you are looking for a moving service, then you can check out this guide to compare moving services and their quotesAdditionally, for you to be completely comfortable, your mattress needs to support your back, so find out what best suits you. Companies such as Night Air Beds offer an adjustable air bed, ideal for those who wish for a better nights sleep and back support. Try to keep to a scheme, and have similar colored and textured pieces of furniture inside your bedroom.

Improve Air Quality

Achieving serenity in your home starts with air quality. By cleaning the air in your room, your body will absorb more oxygen through your lungs. More oxygen means your body will also absorb serotonin (the happiness hormone) more easily. Cleaner air also brings peace of mind and air circulation also plays a big factor in air quality. Improving airflow prevents the staleness you might experience in the morning. Air quality can also be improved as simply as opening a window to ventilate your space. By allowing fresh outside air in and letting the bad air out you’ll quickly notice the deeper breathes you can take. The trick to rapidly exchange the air in your home year-round is to have a window in the highest area of your home open and the window lowest in your home creating a cross-breeze. Even your bedroom window and a window on the opposite side of your home will work!

Cool Colour Palette

Stick to cool and serene colors. You have other rooms in your home to express your vibrant personality, so keep bright tones out of the bedroom. Instead, opt for cooling hues such as light grays and blues. Whites and creams create a fresh feel, and you can add small splashes of color through a blankets and pillows. Block color is less distracting than patterned material, so if you’re thinking of injecting some color, do it this way.

Banish Technology

Keep your phone, your tablet device, and television out of your sphere for relaxation. Where you can, leave your gadgets in other rooms, and keep your bedroom a place for relaxing. If you’re trying to wind down before going to sleep, then make a rule to turn off your mobile phone an hour before actually getting into bed in order to sleep. Replace your phone alarm with a radio instead, and relax by completing a crossword or sudoku to replace playing games on your phone. The bright screen and rapid eye movement stimulates your brain, and in turn, makes it more difficult for your mind to shut down and prepare to sleep.

Low Lighting

Lighting is crucial, and more specifically, soft lighting. Think about adding adjustable lighting to your bedroom, as this way you can pick and choose how low or high you want it to be when you’re reading a book or a magazine, for example. Bedside lighting should be kept to a minimum, as should overhead lighting. Make your bedroom feel serene by changing the fixtures in favor of ones that let you dim the lighting.

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