How to Choose the Right Oven for Your Kitchen

Everyone knows that the kitchen is the heart of the house. And if we believe this, it can also be said that the oven is the heart of the kitchen.

After all, without your oven how would you be able to make a special pie recipe ?

Therefore, choosing a new oven for your home isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. But, if you’re not an appliance expert, how do you choose an oven?

Finding a great oven for your kitchen is easier than you think. Read on to find out how it’s done.

1. Decide on a Budget

Deciding on a budget should definitely be the first step when selecting an oven, or any home appliance for that matter.

The typical range people spend on an oven is usually between $650 and $2000.  However, if you want to go luxury, you could be looking at upwards of $7000.

Also, when setting your budget, don’t forget about the other costs associated with buying an oven such as installation, delivery, and the removal of your old oven. The folks at Australia Wide Plumbing and Electrical can help you figure out what that adds up to.

Setting a budget beforehand makes it a lot easier to narrow down the playing field and will prevent you from the temptation of looking at ovens that are out of your price range.

2.  Type

If you look up on the internet which type is the best, you’ll get a wide range of adamant opinions.

When buying a new oven, you need to shut out the noise and think about your own preferences.

If you are looking to save money, then a gas oven is typically the way to go. And, many professional cooks because of their predictability.

Conventional ovens, on the other hand, can cook food much faster than a gas one.

There’s also less common oven types to consider such as a microwave oven, which heat your food using radiation, steam ovens, which use vapor from a water tank to cook your food, or wood ovens, which are particularly popular for pizza cooking aficionados.

3.  The 2 C’s: Color and Cleaning

When choosing a new oven for your home, it’s also very important to consider the 2 C’s: color and cleaning.

Cleaning an oven is no fun, yet opting out of the self-cleaning options can help to save you money- initially at least. However, keep in mind that ovens with this feature have more insulation, which therefore could potentially lead to savings on your energy bill.

As for color, you could go for something trendy, like gold or copper, something traditional, like stainless steel, or something to match well with light-colored cabinets, such as white or ivory.

4. Reviews

Of course, you should also never purchase an oven without first reading up on the reviews.

While Consumer Reports can be great, it’s also a good idea to read up on actual user reviews.

Some things you’ll want to pay attention to in customer reviews include:

  • Problems with oven failure
  • The need for frequent repair
  • The quality of the brand’s customer service

Clearly, there’s no straightforward answer when it comes to choosing an oven, but these tips should help make the process much easier!


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