How to Achieve a Gorgeous Home Exterior

The external appearance of your home is the first point at which guests get an impression of both your household in general, and your lifestyle and standards of cleanliness, too. While home renovation often focuses on the interior, it’s a good idea to have a think about what you might be able to do to your home’s exterior in order to project a beautiful and well-maintained abode. Here are some areas in which you’ll be able to improve the aesthetics of the outside of your home without building up outrageous costs in the process.


Driveway and Front Garden

It’s likely, if you live in a detached suburban household, that you are in possession of a driveway and a front lawn which both sit in front of your home. This sliver of your private land is entirely yours to redesign or spruce up whichever way you see fit: from adding a bed of beautiful roses to a dreamy set of wicker chairs from which to relax on warm and sunny days. Maintain your lawn by mowing, watering and fertilizing, and pressure wash your drive so it looks smart and uniform and is rid of the detritus that can build upon it over the course of a year.

Walls and Windows

These upright parts of your property, whether bare brick, painted wood, or any other material for that matter, are the most striking part of your abode and can do with maintenance in the form of cleaning and painting where necessary, removing any old paint or lingering weeds. A window washer will have your windows sparkling for all to see, while adding decorative (and practical, in adverse weather) external shutters will bring a prettiness to your home’s external aesthetic. Consider hanging baskets and climbing ivy to give these surfaces a touch of the natural greenery that can be so alluring in exteriors.


The final surface of your house that’s there for all to see from the outside, your roof may be in need of repairs if it’s a little on the aged side. Tiled roofs especially may have missing slats and cracked, disfigured or faded elements that you may wish to consider renovating with the help of a professional roofing company. In addition to this welcome touch-up, you may be able to repaint gutters and move ariels and satellite dishes to a less prominent place – if possible – to give your home’s overall look a more smart and well-maintained edge.


Depending on what you’ve got and what your neighbors might think of a change, the world is your oyster when it comes to upgrading or maintaining the hedges and fences that circle your property. Fences – especially the knee-high, white-painted ones – provide a beautiful aesthetic from the outside while also marking an important distinction for young children to avoid trespassing on your land. Then there are pre-grown hedges, available at garden stores, which provide a more natural boundary between neighboring houses.

If you’re thinking about making some home improvements, don’t forget your property’s exterior; use these tips to spruce it up to make your home dreamy and gorgeous from the outside.

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