9 Dreamy Easy ways to have a Parisian Chic Home

Dream, desire and get inspired by the lovely Paris when it comes to home deco. It’s easy to have a home like this and this style goes great in a modern apartment or a retro house. So, here are nine easy and dreamy advices and how to have Parisian chic home:

1. Choose a gorgeous vintage mirror

After you’re done choosing your furniture and color palette for your living space, choose a beautiful vintage mirror that can make a statement in this room. You can also add it in your bathroom or dressing space, it will look very chic and dreamy.

2. Add a dreamy Chandelier

When it comes to the Parisian style, the wow factor in a simple room is the dreamy chandelier. So, you can pick a vintage one for a modern space or a mid century inspired one for a retro looking Parisian home.

3. Pick a creative artwork

As for the deco items you pick for your coffee table, desk or just a dreamy corner of your room, choose a beautiful artwork that’s super creative and gives personality and style to the space. This is the Parisian chic way!

4. Choose a statement painting

Besides a dreamy chandelier, an artistic statement painting can create the wow factor in Parisian chic home. So, you can choose to frame an artistic photo or pick a fantastic painting that’s super modern, colorful and creative.

5. Think about a sophisticated fireplace

If you live in a house or big apartment, choose a sophisticate fireplace and style it up! Add gorgeous deco items on it, beautiful candles and fresh flowers. It will look so dreamy!

6. Pick velvet elements

The velvet furniture items are a must for a Parisian chic home. All you need is a small sofa, a vintage chair or a comfy armchair that you can style a relaxing corner with. Pick pastel or rich colors and match the room color palette with these dreamy velvet items.

7. Add chic curtains

From your bathroom shower curtains to your dreamy living room or bedroom curtains, to small curtains for your kitchen, pick a chic message or the splendid black and white stripes. This way any room will instantly have a Parisian chic vibe.

8. Choose a mid century inspired cabinet

Make a very chic corner in your Parisian home by styling a beautiful mid century inspired cabinet. Add works or arts, artistic paintings, spring flower and very elegant deco items.

9. Pick a bistro looking kitchen space

Make your kitchen space looking like a chic bistro space by adding retro chairs and matching tables, beautiful vintage paintings, stylish curtains and retro deco items. Also, don’t forget fancy dishes that will make you think you’re serving coffee at the Versailles.

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  1. Love this! We did an entire blog series on French-Inspired design because my team and i are such fans of it. It’s great seeing that classic chic styling popping up throughout the design world. This is such a wonderful quick and easy list helping people incorporate that aesthetic into their own home. C’est Magnifique!