8 Stylish corners that will inspire you in taking a day off at home

From time to time you deserve a day off work and where else to have it then in your own dreamy home. So, pick any chic corner of your home and make it look like a small retreat and the perfect getaway space from work. Here are eight stylish ideas for you:

1. Mid century look

If you don’t want to get far away from your work, make a stylish office at home where you can check your e-mails from time to time. Pick mid century furniture, beautiful plants and some stylish artwork that will make you more creative.

2. Nature chic

Make a boho chic space that looks like a garden in your own home. That will be the perfect space to relax in a day off work and also it’s super trendy and goes well with any kind of statement framed picture.

3. Modern look

Oversized plants are a must right now and green is the perfect elegant, stylish and nature lover color that will give any corner of your lovely home a calm vibe.

4. All comfy days

Instead of chairs or armchairs, pick stylish pillows and just relax at home reading a book or a magazine. To make this corner pretty and luxurious add golden vases, scented candles and chic green plants.

5. In a minimal way

All you need for a relaxing and elegant corner in a Scandi or minimal home is a simple corner with your favorite chair, lamp or cabinet. Pick stylish items to make this corner really special and also to make it stand out in your living room.

6. Home nook

Make the perfect spring nook adding pink tree branches and make a daybed in a corner of your dreamy home. Add also neutral pillows, a relaxing framed picture and of course, your favorite books.

7. Day off

How about a stylish hanging chair where you can relax and dream about being on an exotic vacation. Match it with calm white elements and really enjoy your relaxing day at home!

8. Cute balcony space

Make a chic relaxing space in a small balcony. Add a stylish chair with furry covers, black and white deco items, and a cool reading lamp and of course a minimal coffee table for all your essentials.

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