8 Dreamy minimal bedrooms you willl love on a breezy spring

Hello dreamy breezy spring! It’s time to redo your bedroom and make it comfortable, breezy, cool and also give it a nature touch. Here are eight dreamy minimal bedrooms that will help you transform your bedroom in an easy way.

1. Hello spring

Choose your favorite spring clothes and add them on a cool rack next to your bed. Say hello to spring with a cute saying and also by adding some tree branches in a minimal vase.

2. Dramatic turn off

Add a dramatic framed picture in a minimal bedroom and also some green tree branches with leafs. Also, in this scenario a comfy retro armchair will look simply dreamy!

3. Cool and simple

Decorate your minimal bedroom with black & white and a little pit of beige. The space will have a very relaxed vibe that you will enjoy. Don’t forget to add also a framed picture that shows emotion and gives personality to a room.

4. The black lines

Pick dreamy cabinets and closets with fine black lines that will give structure to your minimal bedroom. Also, make a built-in bed nightstand where you can make a cute black and white gallery.

5. Reading time

Surround a minimal bed with a perfect nightstand for your books, a reading lamp, a cool lightbult and an artsy framed photos. Is all you need for the perfect reading and sleeping spot.

6. Artsy day

Make a built-in bed nightstand the perfect gallery wall for your art collection and favorite photos. Next to them add some books and minimal deco items that will give style to this dreamy bedroom.

7. The cool reads

Make a cool nightstand out of books and add a minimal reading lamp on top of them. This minimal bedroom is perfect for a person who enjoys reading and has a minimal lifestyle.

8. Sleep tight

Make your bedroom nature friendly by adding some green leaves on your nightstand. To add a cool vibe in the room add retro posters and nightstands.

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