8 Chic ideas that transform a classic living room into a dreamy one

From a comfortable room, to a space where all your favorite guest gather, to a room where you spend a lot of your time and you wish to find beauty everywhere, the living room is that special place in your home where everything has to be dreamy, relaxing and entertaining. So, we gathered eight easy tricks on how to transform a classic living room, into a splendid and modern one:

1. Choose at least one item that looks like a designer element

Whether we are talking about a gorgeous coffee table, a chair, a lamp or a splendid sofa, you have o have at least one element in your living room that resembles a unique designer piece.

2. Give a luxurious vibe using metallic elements

If you’re looking for a modern and luxurious vibe in your living room, go for metallics like gold or silver. They go with everything, especially rich colors and they also give shape and structure to a room. So, pick a metallic lamp, frame, coffee table in your living room and you will love the result.

3. Pick a gorgeous study lamp

The study lamp is a gorgeous, yet also functional element that works wonders in a living room. Pick an industrial one or a metallic lamp and add it next to your sofa and in a reading corner of your room, next to a fancy armchair.

4. Add a relaxing daybed

Pick a dreamy daybed besides a lovely sofa and your living room will instantly have a modern and luxurious vibe. Also, a daybed is very relaxing and it will encourage you in taking a day off, just sitting at home.

5. Pick a statement wall color

There is something about a soft color like blue or pink for your wall that gives a royal touch to a room, especially when paired with golden or artistic elements. So, make a statement in your living room and pick a colorful wall.

6. Choose beautiful retro items

A beautiful fireplace with a chic design, a retro chair or sofa or sometimes a printed Persian rug can make a room really elegant and also modern when paired with new minimal items that make a great new and old contrast in a living space. For two stories houses power lift reclinerswork great.

7. Dress up every corner of the space

Besides your gallery wall or coffee table setting don’t miss any corner of your living room and make everything dreamy. You can easily do a relaxing or study corner in this room by adding a fancy chair and a beautiful framed artwork.

8. Add a velvet element

An easy way to make a classic living room looking modern is adding sophisticated elements like velvet items. This beautiful fabric shows class and it comes is really stylish colors like emerald green, passion red, dusty pink or dark blue. Pick it for your sofa, chair or armchair and you will love your living space.

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