7 Splendid mix up styles rooms you will instantly love

If you love different styles and if you want a unique home that’s captures different things from each style you like, an authentic home where opposite design styles work wonders is just perfect for you. Go from a retro style to a modern one, or from an industrial one to a very sophisticated style. Here are seven dreamy examples for you of mixed styles rooms:

1. Retro chic modern

Retro furniture, chic details and modern deco items, that’s the perfect recipe for a very stylish living room where you can entertain your guests. Pick a retro bar cart or cabinet, choose modern chairs and pick a very chic coffee table.

2. Classy Scandi industrial

Mix classy furniture with industrial chairs, lamps and rack and add everywhere dreamy Scandinavian deco items like green plants, cozy rugs and minimal coffee tables. You will love this fresh, cozy and inviting room and you will enjoy having guests over.

3. Modern elegant Californian chic

Give a perfect layout to a space using Californian chic rugs and oversized plants. Also, pick elegant armchairs and sofas for the space and modern deco items like a unique coffee table or a great chair and create the perfect living space with different mixed styles.

4. Retro modern industrial

The retro elements, like a splendid dining table, work wonders with opposite deco items, like industrial chairs. Also, the modern items like a minimal lamp create a great contrast with vintage retro paintings and vases, simply dreamy!

5. Retro Scandinavian

Add a vintage dining table opposite with a dreamy Scandinavian bookshelf filled with modern framed pictures and green plants. This space is modern, relaxing and perfect for a lazy afternoon at home.

6. Minimal industrial

Pair a minimal table with industrial chairs and also pick for the space minimal dishes, framed pictures that show emotions and a great industrial lamp. Looks simple, yet amazing, right?

7. Scandinavian Parisian chic

Decorate a dreamy Scandinavian room, like a kitchen, with Parisian chic elements like chairs and artsy framed pictures. Pick also a lot of plants in this room and raffia items like chairs or lamps for a very relaxed and chic vibe.

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