6 Chic ways to make a Scandinavian Easter in your dreamy home

Prepare your minimal or Scandi home for Easter by adding simple and chic arrangement that will make your home more stylish and holiday like. So, here are six dreamy Scandinavian arrangements you can pick for your home:

1. Pastel eggs and a black and white table setting

Make chic Easter eggs in different pastel colors like sky blue or dusty pink and pair them with black and with plates with cute motifs, sea and salt bunnies and a table setting with these two elegant neutrals.

2. The chic Easter office

Make also your office space chic for Easter by adding a lot of cute figurines that resembles Easter animals, especially a stylish black and white combo. Make this corner of your dreamy home also your gift wrapping studio and pick wonderful stylish gifts for your friends and family. To make the space more fancy pick black feathers and small white candies in shape of eggs.

3. Stylish living room corner

If you’re a minimal lover you can pick this dreamy arrangement for you Easter home. Also, this kind of styled corner can become a part of your home for the whole year. So, pick dreamy white eggs in any shape and make a fancy and minimal arrangement that will make this eggs looking like cool art objects.

4. The chic dining space

For a minimal dining space make a simple Easter arrangement by adding abstract painted eggs on tree branches and in a neutral vase. Mix this dreamy arrangement with tiny plants for each of your guests, elegant candles and neutral plates.

5. The glam coffee space

If you are a coffee lover and you have this special setting on your coffee table or on a coffee cart, spice thing ups and make this space Easter themes. Hang chic eggs made out of golden paper on tree branches and pick black and white coffee mugs to bring more style to the setting.


6. The cute bedroom

Bunnies are the perfect animals that can become a cute and chic print for your bedroom or living room pillows. If you pick this kind of print for your bedroom pair it with neutral sheets, a metallic or simple lamp and some green plants added on your nightstand.

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