7 Chic vanity tables that make your day better and dreamier

It’s time for a free pampering day where you can sit and relax at your favorite vanity table. So pick up a chic chair, lovely flowers for your table and surround yourself with memories and gorgeous beauty products and let the pampering begin:

1. Neutral day

In a tiny bedroom, make your vanity table next to your dreamy bed. Match your ottoman with your bed and surround the vanity table with glam lamps and fresh flowers.

2. Shabby look

Make the dreamiest vanity table using magic lights and shabby or retro furniture in pastel colors. Make everything looking like a splendid table by using tree branches, green leafs and beautiful candles.

3. Pink mood

Pick a gorgeous statement armchair made from velvet and math it with a silver or golden metallic table. Don’t forget cute boxes and glasses to organize your beauty products and let a dreamy day begin!

4. In love with

Roses, a glam mirror, stylish pictures and motivational quotes, these are the things you need in a beautiful vanity space in your dreamy bedroom. Look at them, get inspired and start a cute make-up.

5. Californian chic

If you want a Californian chic vibe in your vanity corner, pick a golden mirror, a looot of gorgeous green plants and a original chair that looks like a work of art. Pick Earthy tones and a lot of green to bring on a fresh mix for this dreamy space.

6. Retro moments

Paint a pink wall next to your gorgeous vanity table and surround it with retro items and lovely roses. You will have a splendid girly space where you will love to have a pampering day.

7. Golden touches

Make a dreamy golden vanity table using a statement mirror and a chic desk and small chair. Add also golden accents around them and make everything more exotic with big green plants.

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