5 Dreamy interior looks that will rock in 2018

Take this year as an indoor vacation and make your home the perfect relaxation spot, filled with tropical and modern accents that will make you want to spend more time in your dreamy home. So, after checking out with the top trends, here are five looks to pick this year for your splendid place:

1. The new wood look

From wooden ceilings, to walls, floors or bar counters, this warm and inviting material is a must for any modern home. It can match anything and can make any room look friendlier and super trendy.

2. Oversize art

Cooler than ever, and making a statement in any room you add it in, oversize art is a must-have for your living room kitchen or bedroom, and, why not, also your bathroom or balcony. For this year focus on aquatic elements, pop art, black and white abstract art and also retro celebrities when picking the perfect oversized framed picture.

3. Tropical feeling

This season give your home a dreamy resort vibe that will obligate you to relax more or take a vacation at home. Use wallpaper with exotic motifs, a lot of oversized plants, themed lamps and also make your lovely bathroom looking like a gorgeous SPA fancily.

4. The time of succulent plants

The oversized tropical plants have the power now and they help us create a recreational vibe in our home and a calm feeling. Also, the popular Fiddleleaf Fig or Pilea are super popular right now for your dreamy home, so have a lemonade and imagine the perfect tropical destination in your own home.

5. For the love of metallics

More modern, luxurious and retro that the past season, this year’s metallics must be in your home, at least in the shape of dreamy deco objects. So from copper, to silver or gold, give a chance to the lovely metallics and make your home shiny and glamorous.

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