10 Farmhouse inspired bathrooms you will dream about

In home deco terms the New Year it’s all about relaxing and making your home looking like a gorgeous resort. That’s why the farmhouse bathrooms are that ones that fit perfectly in this dreamy scenario. So, here are ten rustic bathrooms that will make your home looking lovely and chic in 2018:

1. True blue

For 2018 pick the dreamy blue for your bathroom cabinets. It’s a very relaxing color that goes terrific with white and brown and also some rustic typical farmhouse details like a cute rug. Check out Select Bathroom Renovations for more.

2. The blue tiles

Think about blue tiles that decorate your bathroom and make you feel like in the nature, surround by the beautiful sky. So, pick them for this room along with a lighbulb hanged with a rope, plants and wooden elements that give this space a charming rustic vibe.

3. Black & White Contrast

Make a great contrast in your bathroom using black and white for the walls and tiles and add a calm vibe in the space adding wooden deco items like a relaxing small chair or a cute table for your bathroom essentials.

4. Exotic chic

Surround a chic bathtub with oversized plants and transform a farmhouse in a perfect oasis. Add also a dreamy light and make this your favorite room in your rustic home.


5. Dream about an oasis

Choose a big bathtub for your lovely bathroom and surround it with magical lights, plants and other dreamy items that make this the perfect interior for a rustic inspired home.

6. White dream

Make your bathroom white and let the chic rustic vibe pop out. Add also a lot of green plants and modern tiles and lights to make the space super trendy.

7. The new modern space

Using black tiles and a lot of green plants make your bathroom the perfect exotic space in tour home. Also, add the plants on wooden shelves, add a vintage shower and a wooden sink to give the room a farmhouse vibe.

8. Oriental chic

The oriental vibe goes perfectly in a farmhouse bathroom so don’t be afraid to match patterned tiles with chic plants, a trendy stair and raffia details. The room will look relaxing and cool!

9. Lounge time

Add a round raffia rug next to a modern bathtub and surround these items with chic plants. Take the day off and start a great lounge time!

10. Relaxing day

Surround your bathtub with wooden details for an authentically farmhouse vibe. Also, to make a very relaxing vibe in the room add candles and inspiring pictures with dreamy landscapes.

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