Silvia’s home – Lights – How to choose them

When moving in a new and empty home you have to think about everything! And while the doors came with the place and I could pick the tiles for it from the constructors, the lights part was pretty difficult. How to choose so many lights? We had like seven of them, and how about how to coordinate them in rooms? Because I figure it out eventually, I really wanted to give you some advices, so here they go:

The living room

Always start with a statement light that defines your home, and this IKEA PS2014 model it’s the first lamp I bought. I loved it from the start and it’s also pretty functional having two different shapes. When having a statement lamp you must find the center place of your home to place it, and I thought that next to the sofa and TV it’s the perfect spot. Also, think about what kind of light this is before placing it – because this light is more ambiental the space where I want to hang out with my friends or see a movie seemed to the right spot for it and I loved the result.

In the industrial section of the home I choose the lights according to the pipes. I saw this dreamy studio lights at IKEA and thought they were perfect for the space and they were! Also, having more mobile lights helps you a lot in adding the amount of light you need in a space -more light or more mystery.

Yellow vs. white light – I thought about this issue as well, at first I didn’t liked the mix that much but at the end I’ve noticed these two types of light go really well together. The yellow light it’s more ambiental and it goes well in a corner of your room while the white light is bright and perfect for the spaces you need a lot of light like the beauty corner or the desk.

Speaking of yellow light, ror the living room I choose also the trendy hanging bulb which I see everywhere and I said I have to have it, but I didn’t liked it simple so after making a knob on it I liked the final result.


For the entryway I thought about simplicity and a minimal style and this cute lamp that reminds me of Star Wars character – R2D2 – seemed right enough.

The bedroom

For this space I also thought simplicity because the bed and framed art will be enough of a statement for the room (you’ll see) so this studio and mobile lights from IKEA are suffice and add enough light to the space.

The kitchen

I always wanted my kitchen to look like an American dinner so this was the idea of this statement red lamp, also from IKEA that gives you that cozy dinner feeling.

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  1. Hi Silvia,
    I recently read your blog about 6 gorgeous bathrooms and love the #4 calm notes bathroom look. (
    Can you let me know where you got the over the mirror lights—I just love them and in the process of redoing our master bath, and love the look of these. Thinking to coordinate them with some cool reclaimed wood mirrors! Many thanks!
    -donna fancher. new freedom, pa 717-578-8625|