Is vintage the latest home décor trend?

Vintage furniture and accessories have seen a growing number of people attracted to their appeal over the last few years. With lots of varying themes too, there really is something to suit every style of home.

Vintage logos are all the rage on creative market right now. Every day we see more impressive collections of retro, vintage, and hipster logos and graphics. Whether you’re looking to cook up some vintage logos yourself or want to purchase some items to add a dose of nostalgia to your current project, it pays to keep up on what’s popular.


A custom metal signage company would tell you that great craftmanship never goes out of fashion. And they would be right.  Many people just love old replica plaques which are solid cast metal, traditionally made by hand using time honoured traditional casting techniques.

Finished in a tough powder coated finish which will stand up to the hardiest weather, they are sturdy enough to display outside. They are finally hand painted using enamels in authentic Vintage colours to emulate the original advertising billboards. This industrial type trend is usually popular with garage owners, or make great displays boys bedrooms, and of course mechanics and their love of classic cars.

From classic, original ads of today’s best known brands, to brands and products that no longer exist. There is a world of forgotten advertising on the walls of homes across the world.


Retro style furniture has an abstract feel to it, with each piece almost fighting for the limelight as the focal point of the room. Sofas are broad and elongated with multi-colored throw pillows for an added dash of color. Shiny chrome barstools with bright red seats draw your attention to a wet bar or diner-style kitchen while Mitt chairs and puzzle-piece ottomans provide unique seating for guests.

Colours in Retro Decors

One of the easiest ways to give a room a retro feel is to choose retro colours. Fortunately, that’s not hard to do. Avocado green is by far the most popular retro colour choice, followed closely by mustard yellow and combinations of brown, black, white and red. In addition, purple and hot pink both make a powerful addition to your retro decor.

Don’t be surprised to find items that have a little of everything, with mixes of bright orange, green, indigo blue, and yellow on one single piece. Tie-dyed fabrics, checked patterns, and elaborate paisley prints were also a trademark of a bygone era.

Fun Retro Lighting
Floor lamps and lamps with square or tasselled shades are both wonderful retro choices. Or choose a swag multi-coloured chandelier that plug into a wall socket and feature a dangling cord draped from hook to hook.

Flooring for a Retro Feel
There are only three choices with flooring when you choose retro-style decorating– natural wood, shag carpeting, and a bold mix of tiles placed in a checkerboard pattern. The possibilities really are, endless and the only limit is your imagination.

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  1. If you buy vintage–the real deal, not a “retro” knock-off–you are unlikely to see the same thing in every other IG or Pinterest interior. It’s nice to be unique. Plus, vintage and antiques are good for the environment–reuse!