Silvia’s home – The first steps

As I said before I’m moving in a new home, so this year is a very exciting chapter of my life mixing the love for decor with creating the perfect home to live in.

After gathering some ideas in Pinterest as I confessed in the article I’ve written here, focusing on what I really want, the space and the likes of the person I’m living with, I came out with a certain idea for our future home. Firstly, it was supposed to be a colorful home with red and orange and a lot of mid century details. But, after that, it turned out into a modern place with luxurious and industrial details and I will explain you why and I hope you love the result. These are just the beginning photos, the living room is not finished yet, hence I have some cool ideas for the framed pictures, some guitars hanged on the walls and of course a chic bar.


Firstly we started with the colors. We’ve loved some turquoise things found at IKEA so, then, we continued with these ideas – we must have a bit of turquoise in our home so let’s mix it up everywhere! The dining area was the first idea and as I always wanted a mix of chairs I thought of the perfect four ones and tried to find a balance with them – black, white and turquoise and wood and metallic arms – two and two. We found this table that looked like a record (is the first thing we bought for the living room) and after that the home seemed to came out together little by little.

The lightning was a big challenge and I will tell you about this in a future article. But, I wanted to say that the open pipes in my home really inspired me and made me create a sort of industrial space in the back of the room that features the office spaces.

The terrace was the first thing we bought for the home, because we love the red details and the pop of color and its perfect for the inside and outside. Also, it seems to bright out the room, don’t you think?

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts about my future home and I also can’t wait to show you the whole result. The bedroom is next, so stay tuned!


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