Save space, here are 5 practical & dreamy bunk rooms for inspiration

We are sure you loved bunk beds as kids, but now, also as adults, you can enjoy this upstairs-downstairs comfort and fun, making a room looking like your own bunk bed. So, if you have rooms with high ceilings, divide your room in two and start every day as a new adventure. Here are five bunk rooms we felt in love with:

1. Scandinavian delight

This cozy living room has a brilliant bedroom upstairs and it’s all in one room. All you need is small furniture for the living room and a cute wooden ladder that goes in a secure and functional bedroom. This is the perfect type of room for an attic and it can easily be a work space with a bed to crush on.

2. Hidden treasures

There is something hidden bellow this chic staircase and it can be a storage facility with all your stuff or a dreamy closet space. Either way, look at this lovely bunk room filled with Scandi pieces in neutral colors. It look practical, relaxing and without any clutter. So, perfect!

3. The secret office

This cozy bunk combo is perfect for someone who studies a lot or works from home. The study space is just under the bed and the bed is also the perfect getaway for reading a book or studying in a relaxing space. Add also cozy elements in this space like a lot of pillows and blackest and also some great lightning.

4. Elegant day

This elegant and masculine bunk room is ideal for a bachelor crib. Downstairs it looks like a chic jazz bar and upstairs like a refined getaway space. Also, if you want to set the mood in the space and enjoy a cozy night at home, add beautiful candles on every step of the stairs. Browse here.

5. Stylish corner

Hide your bed just on top of your wardrobe and make your closet space the star of your home. Pick a lot of white furniture to make the space seem bigger and decorate the whole room with leafy green plants and stylish framed photos.

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