The New Victorian – The dreamy sophisticated look that’s trending now

We celebrate the beginning of fall with a new sophisticated trend that’s beginning to capture our hearts. After the minimalistic elements and the Scandi influences, the Victorian style starts to make room in our dreamy home, bringing elegant touches and a gorgeous aristocratic aesthetic.

Named also the Victorian modern look, this splendid style features velvet sofas, elegant chairs, floral wallpaper, golden elements, canopies, dreamy chandeliers, candlesticks, paintings and all the elements that seem likely to be seen in a castle or a country manor.

The dusty pink is the star of these kinds of spaces, and so are the rich colors such as emerald green, burgundy, dark blue or purple, all combined with lovely and relaxing neutrals. Along with them shine the crystals from the chandeliers and the golden or silver details from the coffee table, the armchairs or the frames.of the mirrors.

The vintage touches or the Victorian era blend in great with elegant items or modern furniture making an alternative for an eclectic space that’s likely to fit any kind of home. Everything has a refined and romantic vibe and a small touch of mystery that brings charm into this kind of home.

So, here are our favorite New Victorian rooms that we hope to inspire you in creating a sophisticated and modern home for the new season:

1. The living room

2. The bedroom

3. The relaxing corner

4. The dining room

5. The kitchen

6. The bathroom

Source: Cover & Main // 1 & 1 // 2 & 2 // 3 & 3 // 4 & 4 // 5 & 5 // 6 & 6

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