7 Subtle Ways to Bring Beauty Back to Your Backyard

The season is just about to turn.

Are you looking at your backyard and wishing you paid just a little more attention to it in previous months? Just like anything that grows (like a puppy or a child), it requires constant care and devotion to make it thrive.

If you’re feeling like your garden is looking a little lacklustre, never fear. Here are some simple and subtle ways to bring beauty to your backyard.

1.Add some outdoor lighting

A little illumination goes a long way.

A fast and effective way to really brighten up your outdoor living space is to pick up some colourful pot plants and to make use of outdoor lights for your backyard. Positioned strategically, your garden can go from zero to hero in no time at all.

When you entertain guests for an evening, they won’t even guess that you’ve been a little neglectful when it comes to the greenery. The soft glow from the incandescent outdoor lighting will be enough of a distraction to give the appearance of an inviting backyard, without any of the dramas.

2. Fix your lawn

When your skin is feeling a little dry, you’ll likely think about hydration. Well, the same goes for your lawn, it needs to be plumped to perfection. The best way to achieve this is via sprinklers and similar irrigation systems that really take aways any guess work (and keep you from spending needless hours holding the garden hose).

In most cases they are actually more economical than traditional methods. If you really need to fix your lawn in a hurry, consider installing sod. You’ll also need to make sure you nurture this with the right amount of water according to instruction.

3. Attract fauna

There’s nothing quite like the sight of animal life and the sound of birdsong to make your backyard burst with energy. The right kind of plants will bring butterflies to set your heart a flutter. A birdbath and/or a quaint bird house set in a tree are some lovely additions to think about in order to give your backyard a vibrant, unique character. Make friends with ‘the locals’ (some birdseed wouldn’t go unnoticed) to bring a heightened sense of beauty back to your outdoor living.

4. Don’t underestimate the appeal of a garden bench

Do you have a big old tree that you aren’t making much use of?

The shade can be so delightful, creating dappled sunlight and the perfect place to create your own little ‘nature haven’. You can relax reading a book, or perhaps doing some painting or sketching. A garden bench such an easy way to make your very own garden nook. You can even DIY.  Consider some comfortable outdoor cushions to really complete the setting.

5. Create some natural screening

A fairly rapid way to get some lush greenery together (and also provide some privacy at the same time) is to make use of some garden screening or even a bare fence. Creeping plants grow quite quickly to create a vibrant display of plant life. A vertical garden could just be the ticket in providing a subtle, yet sublime accent to the overall look of your backyard.

6. Create a simple ‘outdoor kitchen’

Herbs are such fragrant additions to any garden and, obviously, they are also great for your cooking. An ‘outdoor kitchen’ could be quite technical, but it could equally be kept so very simple, comprising a herb and vegetable garden (as straightforward as picking up some plants at your local nursery) and adding a BBQ to the equation.

7. Get ornamental

A beautiful garden is all in the details. Perhaps it might be some garden statues, or even a fountain or a pond (complete with koi and lily pads). With that said, you needn’t necessarily go this far. There are a range of garden ornaments found at easily accessible retailers that will bring that little something extra back to your backyard, renewing your love for all things gardening in the process.

Bringing back the beauty

It really is quite simple to breath life back into your backyard. Some small changes can really renew your love for gardening and for your outdoor living environment. So, what’s stopping you from getting started today?

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