7 Office spaces that will convince you Monday isn’t that bad

Monday blues – a feeling we all have when we are starting a new work week. But, sometimes interior design swoops in and save a bad day at work. How? By creating that perfect environment that will help your work flow and creativity increase. So, we picked seven dreamy work spaces that will show you Monday can also be pretty cool:

1. Weekend spirit

Having a display with Friday on it will help you think more of the weekend and plan the perfect escape. Add items that increase your creativity around the room and also make a board with motivational quotes and maybe some pictures too.

2. Scandi look

Picking the Scandinavian look as the main deco style for your office will help you have a relaxing working space. Also, you can make the space super useful by hanging items on your walls and decorate the space with green plants and beautiful framed photos.

3. Dusty pink style

Pink is such a happy color and dusty pink is its modern shade. So, pick it for your office space by choosing a chair, flowers or a gorgeous framed picture in this sweet color.

4. Fun corner

Pick a minimal office and make it stand out with a funky chair in a cute color. From time to time, you can also have a fun balloon in your office space to give the whole room a more easy going feel.

5. Stylish spot

Make your office space really stylish, especially if you love fashion. Mix & Match in a  workspace wardrobe elements, like a rack or a hanger. Fashion framed photos and some cool green plants, would look marvellous too.

6. Green day

This relaxing space makes you feel more like in a botanical garden than an office pace. So, surround a minimal desk and chair with beautiful green plants and sneak in a motivational corner in front of your desk.

7. Dreaming of vacation

Place in front of your office a big photo or work of art showing a vacation spot like a beach landascape. It will help you relax. Also decorate the space in neutral and relaxing colors that will blend in great with the whole vacation idea.


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