Sleep in Luxury: Top Tips for a Dream Bedroom

A private refuge from the stresses of day-to-day life, the bedroom has traditionally been a place to which one can escape and recuperate energy. We spend a large proportion of our time in the bedroom, and so luxury interior design is a worthy investment in this sphere. We spoke to the team at Callender Howorth, a leading full-service luxury interior designer in London, to find out more about what makes a dream bedroom for discerning sleepers.

Live in luxury
Incorporating rich colours such as gold and bronze can help create a relaxing atmosphere and give your bedroom a refined and sophisticated feel.  Don’t forget that you can also sleep in a luxury mattress that is in style! This will be a perfect match especially if you want everything in your room to be luxurious. You can also make the room feel more interesting by contrasting soft natural materials and fabrics with modern furniture, like stylish glass bedside tables and contemporary lamps. In this Knightsbridge Penthouse Project, the designers at Callender Howorth used a selection of different textiles to evoke sentiments of luxury, yet the elegant colour is used consistently throughout for uniformity.

Feature Fireplaces
For a long time, we’ve assumed that fireplaces should only be in the living room, but there’s nothing better than laying back and enjoying the warmth and crackle of a fireplace in your bedroom. The reds and yellows of the flames become a feature in their own right, and shades of gray and black really help to make it stand out. Bedroom fireplaces are especially enjoyable in the winter and are far more aesthetically pleasing than dated radiators. In this Chiswick House Project, a contemporary fireplace was installed as a central feature in the overall design. The effect is breathtaking.

Keep it Minimal
Some say that if you have a complicated life then it’s a good idea to have a simple home. As our lives get busier, it comes as no surprise, then, that minimalism is making a comeback. Light browns, creams and whites help to create a calm and uncluttered environment – the perfect remedy for a long day – while discreet under-bed lighting can also help to make a tranquil atmosphere. The unique, ultra-contemporary Regents Park House Project makes use of lighting, as opposed to solid walls, to define the bedroom space. The large glass window overlooks the lofty living area, evoking a sense of space.

Add Art
Where better to keep the things you love to look at than in the place where you spend the majority of your time? Well-chosen art pieces can add a splash of colour to minimalist bedrooms and create very interesting conversation pieces for guests. But if you’d prefer to keep your minimalist bedroom minimal then you can also select something more muted and serene. In the Mayfair Mews House Project, Callender Howorth embellished the minimalist design with a striking work of art to bring the space to life and add character.

Make it Playful
It’s all well and good to create your own dream bedroom but what about a child’s personal space? This is where the best luxury interior designersrelease their creativity and let their imaginations go wild, creating space that keep children entertained for hours. Incorporating something like a slide, swing or seesaw into the design is a sure-fire way to make your children happy and give them their own safe place to play. This doesn’t mean that the aesthetic has to look particularly childish and the Kensington House Project proves that it’s possible to keep it classy.

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