5 Easy Ways to Make Your Kitchen Décor Dreamy

My two greatest loves in life are cooking and home decorating, so the ability to indulge my passion in a kitchen that looks and functions beautifully is a true blessing. The food that we cook and the physical environments that we create for ourselves are both such personal, organic experiences that say so much about who we are. The essential beauty of decorating a kitchen is that it blends aesthetics with practicality, so that not only can we create a space that looks stunning but will also help us to be more efficient when it comes to practising the culinary arts. If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, or building a new house, here are a few ideas that will help you construct the kitchen of your dreams.

Wall Space

One fabulous technique that looks amazing and frees up cupboard and counter space is to utilise your walls for storing your tools of the trade. A few well-placed wall racks can hold your cookware, knives, utensils and even fresh herbs. If you have good quality kitchenware, you will love the organic feel that it creates. Best of all, everything that you need is right at hand which will make real improvements to your efficiency, as will the additional counter space, which you will love.

Let There Be Light

It really does pay to give careful thought to how you will light your kitchen. Beautiful light fittings can not only add a delicate touch of class, color and texture to your space. Skylights or tube lights can add a bright, natural feel during the day. However, many families are opting to add stylish hanging light fittings to augment their kitchen décor and create a more sophisticated feel. With so many options available in every imaginable style, you are sure to find something that will give you that extra touch of class. 

Islands of Beauty

A kitchen island can not only add valuable preparation and storage space but can also be a design focal point. Many architects and kitchen designers are now incorporating innovative ideas for shelving and even seating into their islands. Such creative ideas turn a functional item into an extension of your meals area, that enhances the kitchen’s status as the heart of the home. This is not only practical for busy families with kids but can also be aesthetically pleasing.

Cut a Rug

A stunning kitchen rug can add a bold splash of color and warmth that will stand out, or blend in subtly with your existing colour scheme. Whatever look you’re going for, there are plenty of options to suit any taste. One proviso is that you should always make sure to get a rug that is durable and easily machine washable. As anyone who spends significant time in the kitchen knows, the floor is constantly littered with the debris of your creative labours. All this mess will, of course, end up on the rugs, so you will thank yourself for choosing one that is easy to clean.

Off the Handle

If you are into clean, minimalist living, you will love the look of handless kitchen cabinets and drawers. Utilising either simple finger pull, or more fancy push to open mechanisms, the absence of handles will add a healthy dose of elegance that you will love. Another benefit of the lack of handles for those with small children is the absence of yet another protrusion for your little one to bang his or her head on, so rest easy in style!

There are so many wonderful ways to make the place where you cook into a showpiece. These have been just a few.

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