How to decorate your home if you’re a Gemini

This always changing sign has a lot of ideas in its mind, so that’s why an eclectic style will characterize the best the dual Gemini. Here are the things you can pick for your home if you’re a Gemini:


The stranger a color is, the more likely it will be to be found on a Gemini home. From the crazy orange to hot pink or sunny yellow, Gemini love to be different and bold also when it comes to decor. Also, they love colorful and creative print, so don’t be scared to mix and match patterns.

What to have

Because they’re funny and very chatty, Gemini love having a socializing room in their dreamy homes. So, for that area to be perfect pick a big and comfortable couch and also a lot of armchairs or cute chairs and a round table for society games or drinks. Also, make a spacious dining area where they can have dinner parties with your family and friends. Also, because this sign is very creative a Gemini will love having lists and inspirational boards in its bedroom or home office.

What they love

Everything in a Gemini home has to look different, creative but also tasteful and expensive. They love impressing people so that’s why you will see a lot of cute and eye catchy items in their eclectic home. Moreover, they love duality so you can mix two matching deco styles like retro and boho, or Scandinavian and Californian style and also pick items in pairs of two.

Here is how you can decorate every dreamy room of a Gemini’s home:

Living room




Dreamy corner





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  1. Love this definitely going to steal some of these tips when decorating my flat!