9 Dreamy tricks on how to make your bathroom stunning

Make a paradise out of your dreamy bathroom, no matter its size. Add glam details, make it all about beauty and relaxation and create a stunning space that looks like one in a top hotel. Here are nine dreamy ideas for you:

1. Add a dreamy chandelier

Instead of a classic light bulb or light pendant choose a dreamy chandelier. The fancier it is, the more stunning your bathroom will become and crystals or something resembling to them are ideal for this room’s chandelier.

2. Choose vintage and glam mirrors

Replace your classic mirrors with beautiful vintage ones, or retro inspired mirrors. Choose statement mirrors with big frames in golden or silver and you will see how beautiful your bathroom can become.

3. How about chic wallpaper?

A wallpaper can be that unexpected note to add in a simple bathroom. You can pick a navy one, a glam one or a chic black and white wallpaper and make your bathroom stunning and also pretty original.

4. Pick a glam cabinet

Besides a gorgeous mirror you need a glam or dramatic cabinet to go with it. Make a boudoir out of your bedroom and you will love spending time here, doing your makeup.

5. Decorate your bathroom with gorgeous art

From sculptures, to splendid deco objects and even painting or framed art, each of these details can make your bathroom more stunning than ever. Sure, not many people expect photos in a bathroom, but why not set a stylish example?

6. Arrange your towels on a dreamy ladder

Instead or a shelf or a towel rack add a cute wooden ladder in a neutral color in your bathroom. You can arrange towels on it and besides being practical it will bring a creative and chic vibe into this space.

7. Make your bathroom looking like a botanical garden

Pick exotic flowers for your lovely bathroom for a glam and fresh touch. Pick orchid or roses for a pastel bathroom and green plants for one in black and white.

8. Pick black and white as the power combo

You cannot go classier than this, so if you pick this power and mysterious combo for your bathroom, this space will be for sure stunning. Make sure you get the right balance thought; you don’t want your bathroom to be too dark Think of that when redesigning your own bathroom.

9. Create a sitting area

If you have a large bathroom, this elegant and relaxing idea will be perfect for this interior.  Pick a leather sofa or a velvet one, and make a place for reading or a place where you can pamper, lounge or just sit and do your makeup. Check out these toilet seats also.

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  1. Hi there.
    Awesome tricks, really! I’m in love with all of it. <3
    But the most seems to be only useful in case you have a big bathroom. I own 5 qm, my last one had only 2 qm – so chandelier, wallpaper, big mirrors were not possible. Maybe you could add tricks for small bathrooms (like black & white), this would be very interesting for me 🙂 Thank you!


    Isa from http://lovefolio.de

  2. So many great options. What I have never understood is how the no curtain showers work. Also you need to think ventilation before putting art in a bathroom. Love the b&w wallpaper.