8 bohemian bedrooms for a Midsummer Night’s Dream

Let’s think about the famous Midsummer Night’s Dream and its lovely magic and create a bohemian bedroom to remember. To help you out, we tough about eight dreamy ideas that will help you get the best sleep in a warm summer night, sleep tight:

1. A nature’s space

Surround yourself with plants that will give you fresh air, a relaxing vibe and a good nigh sleep. Green plants also math perfectly a boho bedroom filled with normal and round pillows, minimal furniture made out of wood and artistic frames.

2. Romantic mood

This room with a bed placed on a wooden palette has a very relaxing vibe but also a romantic one given by the pink flowers that stand next to the vase, so pretty! Add also a top shelf filled with your favorite books and start reading love stories.

3. The white curtains

These white dreamy curtains make a great canopy bed and transform the whole room into a lovely bohemian space. Also, pick a gorgeous rug with an ethno print and math it with a cover for the bed. You can also add other dreamy and boho deco items like a classic guitar and exotic green plants.

4. Glam boho

You can also bring a little glam into a bohemian room by matching a golden chandelier with the bed headboard and also adding white sheets and pillows to the bed. This lovely contrast will look fancy, glam and also really relaxing.

5. The magic lamp

Well, this bedroom is all about the beautiful lamp that shines upon the bed. Match it with a vintage bed and cozy covers and also add a printed rug with an original pattern that will give personality to the whole room.

6. Shabby and boho touch

Add vintage mirrors as a headboard to give magic and an artistic vibe into a boho space. Instead of flowers pick branches, add a vintage looking lamp and keep everything neutral in the room. So dreamy, right?

7. Magic vibe

This canopy bed will bring magic into your bedroom and it will transform this space into your favorite room. Add also a printed rug, a dreamy chandelier and green plants to make everything looking like a magical story.

8. The print game

You will dream about this bohemian bedroom a long time especially about its lovely Moroccan prints. Also, to bring more magic and mystery into this room, paint your walls in a dark color and pick a fancy pattern for your wall.

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  1. Wow! These bedrooms are all gorgeous except #2. It looks like someone threw a bed into an abandoned house in Chernobyl. That wall is really creepy. I couldn’t sleep in there. I totally get it that someone considers it ‘artistic’ but hmmmmm.