7 Dreamy tricks on how to add extra sitting in a small living room

Friends, family or too much guests and a small living room. Well, there is an easy solution for you – extra sitting. So, we tought about seven simple, creative and stylish solutions on how to decorate a small living room in a way that everybody can find a place to sit, check them out:

1. Use footstools as chairs

If you have a classy living room with armchairs or a fancy sofa you can accessorize them with elegant footstools which you can also use to sit on. This way you will have the same style in a room, a doze of comfort for you and great extra sitting for your guests.

2. Pack stools everywhere

When you know there are a lot of guests coming you need to pack extra stools everywhere you can in your home. The best way to pack is by adding them under tables or shelves or anywhere you can find an extra space that can match them. Also, some stools are great also for storage if you get the ones that open up in two pieces.

3. Use dreamy pillows to sit on

This idea is great for a boho space. Make a Moroccan inspired living room and add pillows around a coffee table. You will create an exotic space where your guests can enjoy tea and a relaxing chatty afternoon. A well-chosen heated throw or blanket in warm or neutral colors will emphasize the welcoming nature of the small space.

4. Add seats under the coffee table

Another great way to add extra sitting is under a coffee table. You can add round chairs or even small wooden chairs, anything that fits and matches your dreamy coffee table really works. Also, in this way you can invite your friends over to gather around for coffee.

5. Or use your coffee table as an ottoman

Also, if you have a fancy coffee table made out of a sofa fabric you can use it as an extra chair. To make this thing work, keep your coffee table essentials on a lovely tray. So, when a guest arrives just place the tray someplace else and make the table an extra chair.

6. Use dining chairs

In an open space where the table is next to the sofa, make you’re dining chairs the extra sits you need. So make sure you pick stylish, yet also comfortable chairs that your guess will really enjoy and that will also match the style of your living room.

7. Store unfolding chairs

If you have a tiny living room, folding chairs are the perfect solution for you. You can store them in the back of a shelf, on the hallway of your balcony and add them wherever you find extra space. Also, there are a lot of stylish models out there and we are sure you can find indoor folding chairs that will match your space.

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