The way to go when decorating a room – Top tips to help you rise above expectations

If you have been assigned with decorating a room or renovating it, or if it’s a challenge of your own making, you definitely have a lot of work in front of you. Decorating a room is something that is determined by just a couple of small details as far as quality is concerned. By keeping true to some guidelines you are able to create the most amazing room designs ever seen. If you’re looking for something like that be sure to keep reading and see all the tips that we recommend you use to improve your interior design tenfold. Just one of these is able to change the way a room looks and feels dramatically.

Use multiple textures for neutrals

Neutral décor is something that can be either a hit or miss. Of course the difference between the two categories is represented by some small details such as whether or not you stuck with just one texture or if you’ve expanded to multiple. By using multiple textures you up the quality of the design and enrich it in both the look and feel departments. That being said, make sure you keep this tip handy for the next time when you plan on using neutral décor.

Use paint colors that add real value to the walls

Make sure you make no compromise when it comes to the paint used for your walls. Using the right pain will make the entire place welcome you with warmth, or excitement or whatever feeling is aroused by the particular color you picked out. This is a deeply personal element and you should really take the time not only to pick your favorite color but also your favorite tone and make sure that it’s of a superior quality so you can get that intoxicating shine that quality paint puts on walls.

Gold and silver should be together

It’s like a love story that everyone is denying. Many believe that they have to choose either gold or silver, because using both is some kind of primordial sin. That’s not at all the case and not only can you use them both, but you can actually combine them in the same places. By adding a dash of silver to your gold piece on the counter or the other way around will add a great effect that will enhance even more and add to the original effect of using metallic finishes.

Use colors according to room size

Let’s face it, you won’t be fitting a wine filter press in your living room, but that doesn’t mean it has to look small either. Using bright colors will create a cool effect that will make your room look more spacious. By using this design trick you can make what otherwise would have seemed like crowded and uncomfortable rooms in fresh and aerated spaces where you can relax.

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