How to Update Your Outside Space on a Budget

With summer right around the corner (or already here, depending on how you class the seasons), you probably want to be able to spend some time in your outside space. But, when it’s not looking its best, and money is short supply, where do you start when it comes to sprucing things up?

Here are a few ways of the best ways to spend the money you have.

Consider adding a pergola

Adding a pergola is actually nowhere near as pricey as you might first think. Those with endless budgets can build expensive glass-fronted extensions to make the most of their ‘indoor/outdoor’ space, but a pergola is a fantastic wallet-friendly alternative. A pergola is an arched structure that joins your house to your outdoor space, and the framework is often covered with trailing plants and climbers to make it look particularly beautiful. Choose a good quality pergola in your price-range and make the most of the extra outdoor space it gives you: it’s a great shaded area from the wind, rain and sun, and it’s also an ideal spot for a barbeque or alfresco dining.

Paint your fencing

Next up, you might want to tear your fencing down and start again, but brand new fencing can be expensive. Instead (so long as your fencing is secure enough) you can simply paint it or stain it a different color. This will totally transform the look of your outdoor space, whether you go for a bold approach and paint it in a bright, punchy color, or simply give it a coat of paint in a subdued hue. Whatever the case, just be sure to prepare the fence for painting first so that you don’t waste time or money painting a surface that isn’t ready for the new paint.

Use wicker furniture

While you’re upgrading your outdoor space, think about the furniture you’ll be using once your space is ready to enjoy. Patio furniture can be expensive as it’s built to withstand challenging weather conditions, meaning it won’t fade in the sun, even with exposure to the elements. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t have it if you’re upgrading your space on a budget. Simply look for outdoor patio furniture made of high-quality wicker and prioritize one or two key items: not only is wicker furniture attractive, on-trend and perfect for coping with outdoor conditions, it’s also one of the more affordable outdoor furniture options. 

Add these budget-friendly plants 

It’s possible to create a luscious, colorful outdoor space without spending a fortune on plants. All you need to do is choose flowers, trees, shrubs and bushes that don’t break the bank. Start with cheap plants that can also feature on your dinner table such as thyme, sage, rosemary and basil (they’re all brilliant patio plants), then keep an eye out to see if your local stores are selling border plants cheaply. You can buy colorful mixed perennials cheaply and, if you’re prepared to pot them and if you know how to look after them, they’ll last for years. Shrubs cost a little more (including roses and climbers), but a few of these planted in your garden will really bring your outdoor space to life. Just don’t be too thrifty with your compost: buy the best quality you can afford if you really want your outdoor space to look as great as it has the potential to be.

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