A small guide to the 8 most popular deco styles right now

These eight styles are the most popular right now and we thought about a small deco guide to characterise all of them by colors, items and main qualities. It’s hard to pick our personal favorite, but we really want to know what style you prefer the most:

1. Scandinavian style

Probably the most popular style right now and a great synonym for IKEA furniture and decor, this style is very easy to make if you have some essential pieces. This style is really dreamy and versatile by mixing minimal items with a bohemian touch. Pick white, grey and other neutrals and mix them with a lot of green or other colors, in soft tones. Mix textures, pick functional pieces with a simple design and always keep in mind that less is more!

2. Bohemian

This free spirited style is as relaxing as it looks. Rich colors, beautiful prints along with comfortable vintage furniture and big green plants make an effortless and adventurous mix. Tough the look seems messy, the result is dreamy. The pattern and texture mix creates a cozy space that’s perfect for a free day at home, or a reading corner. Choose also ethnic inspired elements and show off your vacation souvenirs. Every print is accepted in this style, but the Moroccan one is the most popular right now.

3. Shabby chic

This style was super popular at one point, but now the Scandi trend captured the spotlight. But, you can still see this elegant and gorgeous style in girly apartments, vintage inspired rooms or vacation homes. This style brings a vintage vibe into your home and makes it like a time capsule of a beautiful time period filled with flowers, bird prints, lace, ruffles, wooden mirrors and dreamy chandeliers. The furniture is distressed to get a more authentic vibe, the colors are pale and neutral tones along with girly prints are a must-have for this style.

4. Mid century modern

This elegant and sophisticated style with minimal lines focuses on furniture that dates from the ’50 or ’60 or it is inspired of those retro decor years. This style focuses a lot on Earth tones but also has a lot of bold color accents such as yellow, orange or red that you can use when picking a chair, a lamp, a coffee table or a cabinet. Every piece of furniture has clean lines and curved angles and they are usually monochromatic. But you will see retro and colorful patterns when it comes to the rugs, the paintings or the pillows. Also, don’t forget to pick glamorous lamps and a lot of green plants to make the space really dreamy.

5. Industrial

This masculine, modern and unconventional style focuses a lot on exposed materials such as bricks, steel or wood. Moreover, it has a lot of metallic elements from copper to silver elements that make a perfect match with the modern materials added in a space. All in all, combine rustic colors with modern and vintage details and also industrial furniture like a chair or a table to show this style in all its glory.

6. Urban modern

Inspired by cosmopolitan and stylish lofts, this style is super modern and gorgeous! The urban modern look shown in all the major cities features a mix of styles that work really well together. From minimal furniture, to glamorous details and to modern accents. Think of hi-end furniture, the newest and coolest designs, big sofas and beds, fab mirrors and lamps and also some vintage pieces that will bring elegance and class into the space.

7. Nautical

The most relaxing of them all, this style is perfect for a vacation house or for people who are obsessed with the sea or the ocean. The main colors you have to focus on are the ones that look like the sea, sky or the beautiful sand. Stripes and sea inspired prints are a must-have for this style and so is wood and nautical ropes. Also, pick a lot of sea elements to decorate your home with such as shells, sailboats, jars, boats and navigational maps.

8. Farmhouse

The farmhouse style combines a traditional decor with rustic elements and modern accents. Think about the look of a French chic home and pick wooden elements, traditional furniture and industrial items such a cool bar stool or a lamp. The natural color palette is a must for this style combined with pops of colours if you want to add a fresh touch. The classic plants such as lavender make this space more authentic and the rustic deco elements such as raffia baskets or porcelain dishes make any farmhouse interior super dreamy.

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