7 Gorgeous table settings that make Greenery the perfect wedding shade

We all know by now that Greenery it’s this year’s beautiful star in term of shades. Because it inspires life, nature and it’s also really fresh it’s the perfect shade for a dreamy wedding table setting. So, here are seven gorgeous ideas for your fairy tale wedding, hope you’ll love them:

1. Green and gold

For an exotic, but also luxurious touch, mix greenery with gold. These two shades go really well together and they also look super cool. Pick a big green leave as the main setting and surround it with golden details.

2. Rustic vibe

Pick greenery as the main trend of your wedding if you have an outdoor wedding full of wooden tables. Choose big green leaves and add them in the middle of the table and, also, pick small exotic plants to decorate your plates.

3. Greenery and tulips

White goes great with greenery, that’s why and arrangement with plants and white tulips will look dreamy on your wedding table. For a glam touch pick also golden or silver details and everything will look splendid!


4. Keep it simple and chic

This is a beautiful example of a minimalistic table setting with gorgeous greenery details. Add leaves in small transfused vases or in golden ones and create a dreamy scenery along other beautiful green plants and simple dishes.

5. Country chic

This greenery wedding table setting has a country chic look and it’s filled with plants that grow on fields and that are cute and rustic. Match them with some cute white candle and neutral deco items.

6. Dramatic vibe

For a wedding table that really stands out and it’s also pretty dramatical and romantic, mix greenery with passionate red. Add also golden plates and place the whole setting on a wooden table.

7. Exotic dream

Blue and greenery is an amazing combo that makes a wedding table setting really exotic. Add also rattan details and beautiful plants that will make your wedding looking like a Hawaiian one.


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