10 Dreamy IKEA items you need for your kitchen this summer

IKEA has so many kitchen solutions that we thought of it when we made a top of dreamy items you need for this room in the summer time. From colorful plates to really useful and cool elements, here are ten  things you will dream about this season:

1. The exotic set

‘’Granas’’ is the perfect set for this season because the raffia elements really bring an exotic vibe in your home. Pick this set for summer and make a dreamy and romantic dinner or lunch for two.

2. The dreamy wine unit

You can store your favorite wines in your kitchen using this simple, yet trendy shelving unit named ‘’Omar’’. Pick a sparkling wine for the summer and enjoy this season in your dreamy kitchen.

3. The gorgeous cart

This ‘’Raskog’’ cart is practical and has also a cool design that comes in different trendy shades. Pick it for your kitchen, match it with your cabinets and you will love the dreamy result.

4. The adorable chair

Picture this cute ‘’Leifarne’’ chair in your minimal or eclectic kitchen. It will look simply dreamy right? Also, its unique shape will give more personality to your home.

5. The nature inspired dishes

This cute ‘’Avsiktlig’’ collection goes really well with summer because it brings a natural vibe into your kitchen. Match it with some cool greenery items and you will have the perfect table setup for this season.

6. The floral item

This cute floral mug named ‘’Finstilt’’ screams summer and will definitely give a happy touch to your kitchen. Math it with blue and orange dishes and you will have a cute table setting that will look like a picnic in the park.

7. The useful table

Pick this cart for your dreamy kitchen and roll it around into your open living room or dining space. You can also use it to make a cute mini bar or juice corner in your lovely kitchen.

8. Something blue

This relaxing ‘’Leifarne’’ blue chair will give a calm vibe to your kitchen. Also, pastels are great shades for this space and you won’t get tired to easily of this cute chair.

9. The artsy plate

This dreamy plate will really impress your guests. This ‘’Jassa’’ set looks creative, but also really elegant and it will be perfect for a summer dinner with your friends and family.

10. The cool chair

‘’Tobias’’ chair is my new favorite IKEA chair. It looks fabulous and it can fit any kind of kitchen from a Scandinavian one, to an elegant or luxurious space. The chair has a simple, yet very trendy design and a very special color that matches the sea.

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