10 Amazing Home Gym Designs

A home gym makes it easier to both get and stay in shape while saving on costly trips to the gym. In addition, it also allows you to work out on your own schedule, which will most likely help keep you motivated.  Whether you’re considering building a new home gym or redesigning an existing one, creating an exercise space that is all your own, will not only enhance your interior but also inspire a great workout.

There are many home workout room designs to choose from, depending on your preference – consider using the following 10 amazing home gym designs as inspiration.

The Overlook at Heritage Hill

This Tuscan style home gym provides a heady and stylish environment favorable to a trip to your favorite athletic club. Cozy wood paneling, laminate flooring, and a cool green accent wall, coupled with modern workout equipment, makes it a privileged space that is sure to inspire a celebrity workout.

Snug Harbor
A huge mirror, soft gray walls, soft gray carpet, and recessed lighting create a cozy place to get in shape, while a mounted TV and modern workout equipment in grey further enhances the mood.

For added comfort, try complimenting your snug workout with a good night’s sleep on a pillow with the cooling system, which provides great comfort and support, as well as pain relief, which is especially useful after a hard workout. In addition, it is comprised of polyurethane foam that remains cool to the touch, which also contributes to a good night’s sleep.

Modern Marvel

A glass enclosed gym provides a modern yet airy space to workout in as opposed to the isolation of a closed room. In addition, it also creates a great focal point for the area just outside your gym.

Gym House

The white walls in this room contrasted against the black rug make this design especially appealing.  In addition, positioning your home gym in a space with large and/or ample windows helps open the room up to the outdoors, which not only gives you a great view to enjoy while working out but also makes space appear larger. 

Lastly, various televisions mounted on the wall throughout your gym provides the perfect entertainment as you sweat your cares away.

West Coast Home Gym
Shiny wood floors and a breezy, seaside view complete with sheer white curtains, sets the stage for this west coast home gym. Add your favourite workout equipment, a mounted TV, and a shelf below the TV to further personalize your space.

Wood Panelling Workout Room

Wood paneled home gym designs provide both warmth and acoustics, which is just perfect for dancers on the move. You can opt for transforming your space into the ultimate dance studio with a ballet bar, a large mirror on the wall, a wooden locker, and a wooden bench for added comfort. Afterwards, transform your space into the ultimate yoga/Pilates studio with the addition of a yoga mat and a few of your favorite stretches, just perfect for staying limber enough to perform your dance moves.

The Chandelier Gym
Chandeliers and wall sconces
reflected off mirrored walls take one’s workout to another level. Meanwhile, the TV mounted on the center glass, hardwood floors, crown moulding, and interior wall paper further adds to the enchantment.

Ocean Dunes
Walls in white or another contemporary color, dark wood floors, a relaxing bath tub situated in front of a set of windows that perfectly display a view of the ocean, and a few pieces of your favourite gym equipment transforms your bath into your own spa-like gym. And the best part is, when you’re finished, you’re just inches away from the tub for a relaxing bath afterwards.  If you’d like, add a mounted TV for added entertainment while you work out, if, you can tear yourself away from the view long enough.

Home Gym/Lounge

A cozy lounge area, complete with your favourite couch, a coffee table, a few side tables and chairs, double TV’s, and eccentric lighting, added to your workout area, transforms your gym into the perfect place for lounging and/or getting in shape.

The Living Room and Gym
A few pieces of your favourite workout equipment added to one side of your living room, while maintaining a formal style on the other, creates an all-in-one workout living room that is all your own. Printed glass on the patio doors in addition to panoramic views and wood flooring further adds to space.

When selecting home gym designs, be sure to choose colours that inspire you. This applies both too other decorations and inspirational views, which will help home owners create a healthy and happy space to get in shape. 

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