The guide to Black Matte Hardware – a dreamy detail for your home

Details can transform a room a lot and they also can end up being the key element that makes an interior chic and dreamy. For this season, black matte hardware is the new material trend for stylish kitchens and bathrooms and we picked our favorite spaces featuring this cool design:


1. The bathtub scene

Pair an elegant or retro bathtub in white with some black matte hardware. This combo looks simply gorgeous and will give your apartment a mansion feeling. Also, it looks classy and timeless.

2. The new shower

Make shower windows using black matte hardware as the main detail. Everything will look modern and dreamy and also this is the coolest trends you can try right now when it comes to shower cabins. I’m simply in love with it! Also, for a clear and relaxing look pair it with white tiles.

3. The elegant and dark bathtub

Use black matte hardware for your bathtub and you will make it look masculine, classy and elegant. It will be perfect for an elegant home and it will look great paired with a classic curtains.

4. The perfect detail for cabinets

If you pick white cabinet for your bathroom you can pair them with some black matte hardware, especially for the sink, bathroom accessories and the cabinet handles. Everything will look elegant and very modern and you will love this timeless design. Also, they will look great next to some printed black and white tiles.


1. The classy kitchen

Black matte hardware is also a great detail for the handles of your white kitchen. They work great for both a modern and a rustic kitchen space. Fancy, right?

2. The cool kitchen space

From the lamps, the sink and even the chairs, every detail of your lovely kitchen can be made from black matte hardware this season. Just try this versatile material and you will love the result!

3. The marble combo

Pair black matte hardware with marble for your kitchen countertop and you will love the stylish result. Also, a cool lamp made from black matte hardware will be a chic detail for your dreamy kitchen.

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  1. Can you please advise on where the Black Matte hardware is from in the Classy Kitchen pic above?