How to choose an outdoor water fountain that complements your home

Your back yard is essentially another room to your house albeit an outdoor one. It is a great place to socialise, relax or simply kick back and enjoy the sun. Even if you don’t have your yard the way you want it, with a little imagination and some work you can transform it into an area of tranquillity and elegance that complements your home.

One of the most effective ways of doing this is by adding a water feature.  But before you choose one, here are a few things you will need to consider:

1. The size of the space

You might want a big dramatic water feature to go in the centre of your yard but if you only have a small space, it could end up looking overbearing and out of place.

Similarly if you have a large outdoor space, a small water feature could get lost in the vastness of your garden.  As such, when choosing a water fountain for your yard it is worth measuring the length and width of the yard so you can decide which one will be most suitable.

2. What else is in the yard?

If you want your water fountain to complement your outside space then it is important to consider what else is around is. You wouldn’t buy a sofa that didn’t coordinate well with the rest of your lounge so don’t choose a fountain that doesn’t complement your garden.

If you are changing everything then be sure to choose items that have similar shades and tones. If you are choosing furniture buy from the same range or in the same materials. If you are choosing gravel, paving stones or planters stick to two or three colours to avoid overkill and create an elegant and well thought out finish.  Moreover, if your garden is modern, then make sure to match its vibe by choosing a modern outdoor fountain as well. For more traditional or classic design a tiered or rustic design will probably work better.

3.Your lifestyle

Your lifestyle is an important fact when choosing a fountain because it will determine which design will work best. If you have small children for example then you will need a design that is child friendly without a deep base or sharp edges.

Also, if you are regularly moving bikes, boats or other large items in and out of your home then getting them past a large fountain could be a problem if it is not properly placed or cannot easily be moved.

4. Where do you live?

Where you live is important not just because of the design of and materials your home is made from but also because it will affect the weather. If you live in areas that have bad winters, you might need to pack up and store your fountain away to prevent the frost destroying it.

However, if this is not practical then you will need to choose a design that is more durable and can cope with a wide range of weather conditions and plummeting temperatures. It is also important to consider where the power supply is in relation to the house, because while most fountain come with a substantial length of cable, if it too far away you might need to add more or choose a solar powered design.

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  1. I like that you mentioned to take into account whether or not you have children when selecting a fountain. My wife and I really want to put a water feature in our garden, but we have young children, so it definitely needs to be safe for them. I will look into child friendly water fountains and see if any are a good fit for us.

  2. Thanks for the help choosing a fountain. My wife and I have been talking about putting some kind of water feature in our yard for a while now. I like that you talked about thinking about the weather when choosing. We live in a place with cold winters, so it makes sense we would need a fountain we could protect from the frost. I will keep this in mind.