9 Splendid pastel interiors for a dreamy spring

Paint your spring in pastel colors and dream about a home that looks relaxing, colorful and simply gorgeous! Pastels are the shades that make you think about the warm season and they will definitely refresh your home for spring. Check out our favorite nine interiors, painted in pastel shades:

1. Sweet pink dreams

This relaxing bedroom looks great in lilac and soft pink and also with the cute pink chair and pillows. Everything about this room makes you dream and think about a quiet day at home.

2. Mid century living room

You can include pastel colors in any kind of interior even in a mid century one. Powder pink and other pastel shades work great with wooden furniture and a vintage design like this one.

3. Color me pretty

When you think about pastels pink and blue are a winning combo. So paint a themed room in this splendid shades and math the wall with deco objects and furniture in the same shades.

4. Pastel office

If you pick pastel colors for your office you will give the room a very relaxing vibe. So, pick a comfortable pastel chair and unique elements like this small wooden table painted in white.

5. Calm vibe

For a really relaxing spac,e pick blue as your main color and use all its shades to make this space dreamy. Pick artistic items like a painted wooden chair and an oversized painting and you will have the room of your dreams.

6. The pastel kitchen

For a dreamy kitchen, mix pastels with marble. Decorate this room with wooden items and colorful pastel glasses and plates and you will have a really splendid space to cook and eat.

7. The cool factor

You can also use pastels to create the perfect graphic print for a creative bathroom. Match it with white furniture and printed towels and bathroom products.

8. Scandinavian love

When you think about a minimal bedroom, you can also pick pastel colors. Paint your walls in a relaxing shade like blue and match it with pink pillows and some wooden deco items. Looks simply but gorgeous, right?

9. Teenage dream

This room is perfect for a teenage girl that likes to day dream. So, mix and match printed pillows, pick a dreamy wall gallery with inspiring quotes and a furry rug in pink.

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