6 Wonderful Wooden Kitchen Designs and How You Can Achieve a Contemporary Style With a Traditional Tone

You might think some of the wistful wooden kitchen designs might be bit tricky to turn contemporary – but think again.

Whilst some of the newer more modern materials available such as plastic and polymer mean that kitchen designs can be more clean and sheik, or stone surfaces such as granite can offer a more durable (and striking) solution, the warmth, depth and atmosphere wood can bring to your kitchen makes it a beautiful choice, even in the modern day.

Using wood in your design can make your kitchen cosy and homely, even with a jutting angular contemporary style.

White Your Wood

We love this wooden kitchen combines more traditional carving with a clean cream paint for a contemporary going on vintage look. You could also paint your kitchen contemporary pastels or stark colours for style impact.

Pastel Paint Wood

On the note of contemporary pastels… here are some contemporary pastels! This pale mint combined with the clean oak island creates a lovely open space. The wood makes this design feel homely whilst the sharp edges used with the worktop (and even down to the cupboard handles, which are long, thin lines) keeps it looking sharp.

Wood with Brick

This kitchen designed with a single oak slab for the worktop serves as a beautiful centrepiece for this contemporary kitchen. The bricks visible to the side of the worktop work perfectly with the modern design, working around the trending hipster stripped-back style.

Wood With Stainless Steel

These stainless steel hanging lights over the breakfast bar are a beautiful addition to any kitchen, but theming the clean metal with the wood gives a lovely contemporary feel, with the warmth of the wood.

Multi-way Wood

Like above, the main wooden surface serves as a major centrepiece, and the jutting nature works well without taking away from the clean design. The wooden wall cut outs for storage also complement the tone by juxtaposing the slightly curved surface of the worktop with their rigid box formations.

Wholly Wood

This design shows how going all wood by using different types and tones throughout your kitchen design can work the line between traditional and contemporary perfectly. Using mahogany to create atmospheric beams and lower the ceiling here makes the room feel even cosier whilst using the lines of the beams to keep the feel angular. The use of lighting between the beams can help emphasised these angles, and the jutting wooden support structure complement these angels on a different plane. 

Wooden curves

By integrating the dark walnut together with other materials like the marble here the designers have created a stark contrast which works well with contemporary kitchen designs, and the curved seating area is unique and very modern. The three-tone wood design also adds to the warmth, with the dark kitchen island contrasting with the oak floor and lighter beech table, cupboards and window frame.

How to create the perfect contemporary wooden kitchen

The key to creating the perfect contemporary wooden kitchen as you may have begun to notice is to keep your kitchen design clean. Use angles were possible or unusual curves so that you can use wood throughout, combine wood with other materials for effect, or utilise other ways you can use wood as a material, such as beams, decoration or innovative storage spaces.

Let us know your thoughts and which of the above you loved the most!

Written by Saturn Interiors, interior designers and fitters of contemporary kitchens based in the Midlands, UK.

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