8 Dreamy bedrooms for booklovers

If you enjoy reading, especially before going to bed, you have to make a stylish bookcase in your dreamy bedroom. From tiny spaces to large bedrooms, here are eight splendid ideas that will help you out:

1. White dream

If you love books more than anything, make a bookcase larger than you bed, and integrate it in it. You will feel like being in the movies and your will be surrounded by your favorite stories. This is the perfect bookcase for a room with a high ceiling.

bedrooms for book lovers the white dream

2. The treasure bench

If you live in a tiny apartment or you just want to have a spacious room, add your favorite books underneath a dreamy bench and you will have the perfect Scandinavian setup.

bedrooms for book lovers the treasure bench

3. The neutral adventure

If you want a neutral room, match you bookcase with your bed, curtains and walls. Also, pick a room with big windows and the daylight will be perfect to enjoy your favorite book.

bedrooms for book lovers neutral adventure

4. Bright scenario

This dreamy white room is perfect for a minimal bookcase. Match it with your bed, table and chairs and you will have a spacious interior that will fit all your favorite books. Also, white make a space seem more calm and perfect for reading.

bedrooms for book lovers white scenario

5. The chic game

If you don’t have a big book collection this is the perfect arrangement for you. Mix books with different chic deco objects, mirrors and painting and you will have a very stylish room to read in.

bedrooms for book lovers the chic game

6. A modern way

In a very tiny room fit a small bookcase next to your bed. Decorate it with green plants and some artwork and photos and you will have a very artistic bedroom.

bedrooms for book lovers a modern way

7. Stylish inquiry

To make a bookcase even more gorgeous, divide it in two and add a fantastic poster in the middle of them. It can be with your favorite character or book to give the right theme to the room.

bedrooms for book lovers stylish inquiry

8. Retro delight

This dreamy bookcase fits perfectly a retro room where you can drink a cup of tea and enjoy a great book. To give contrast to the white bookcase just add retro or classy wallpaper. Looks gorgeous, right?

bedrooms for book lovers retro delight

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