10 Minimal office spaces that you will be smitten with

10 Minimal office spaces that you will be smitten with

If you are planning to redesign your working area go for a minimal office space. It’s more practical, you save a lot of space and in the end the whole room looks fantastic! Here are ten dreamy ideas for a minimal office space:

1. Pastel game

If you love fashion and your clothes need a lot of storage space, pick a small minimal desk with high shelves. It’s enough for your laptop, books, magazines and some cute deco items like vases, candles or frames.

minimal office space pastel game 1

2. Brown details

If you have a traditional home, this is the perfect minimal office for you. Mix brown with black and hang cool lamps from the ceiling. Also you can add branches and other elements that make you think of nature, a motif that goes great with the brown wood.

brown details

3. Wood feeling

Mix beige with white and other neutral elements for a room full of ligh. Pick a minimal wood desk and make it the star of this space along with a cool frames art work and an industrial lamp.

a wood feeling

4. The office atelier

This great office space looks like an old atelier. The vintage deco items make the difference and they are great item to collect in your working area. Also, for a mood board pick a minimal grill where you can add your favorite pictures, quotes and plans.

the office atelier

5. The artsy room


the artsy room

6. The fine lines

An Eames wire chair and a minimal desk is all you need to create a cool working space, perfect for a masculine flat. To make the space more creative add pictures with graphic elements or different types of architecture, green plants and neutral deco items.

the fine lines minimal office

7. The retro dream

Mix old and new pieces like a vintage chair with a minimal desk and you will have a very cool office space. To personalize this corner glue to the wall your favorite pictures or a mood board in a chromatic that matches the desk and chair.

retro dream minimal office

8. For the love of art

Make your workspace like a movie theater adding a gallery wall as the main attraction of the room. Pick also a traditional chair and a desk that matches it, both in soft colors to make a good contrast with the framed pictures.

for the love of art

9. The beige workspace

This is a minimal desk with just a few items that look amazing! All you need to do is focus on the small details such as a cool light bulb, some cool artwork and vintage deco items.

beige workspace

10. In a modern way

If you want a modern and minimal deco space go for iconic items such as this Panton chair and other cool items like a gold-metallic basket and a an artistic shelf.

in a modern way

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