Three dreamy & cozy bed linens for fall

The easiest way to change the aspect of a bedroom, without investing in renovation, new furniture & so on, is with new bed linen and a fresh bouquet of flowers. Of course, you can add a new throw blanket, dreamy pillows & so on.

Many people don’t change their bed spreads until the old ones are used and loose their colour and texture. Which, if you ask me, is such a petty. Why? Because there are some many pretty and affordable ones that can make your sleep better. We feature lots of them in our Weekly Dreamy Finds posts.

For me, the bedroom must be uber comfortable and dreamy. Right now, mine is very comfortable but not that dreamy because I have a lot of boxes and shopping bags lying around. Yes, I’m a big, big slob.

Having that said, for today I picked three dreamy and cozy bed linens for fall from & other seasons, from Oldrids & Downtown from their home accessories section.

My favorite must be the Ted Baker Pearly Petal one because I have a soft spot for big flower prints. They are very instagram friendly, ha! But, I love the styling also, the wall is amazing and the bed frame too, I want it to be mine.

Three dreamy & cozy bed linens for fall

If you are into glam bedrooms or those hotel inspired ones, this Kylie Eleonora bedding is for you.

Three dreamy & cozy bed linens for fall

The Peacock Blue Bennett bed linen is a bit on the masculine side, but would look great in mid century modern bedrooms and minimalist ones too.

Three dreamy & cozy bed linens for fall

Which one do you like best?

  1. Hi
    I really like your blog and love seeing your finds. However today I noticed a rather badly done photoshop or collage job- the flower bouquet next to the really pretty linen would fit well, but hasn’t been there originally, right?
    Keep it real! It’s still pretty.
    Cheers, Nancy

    1. Ahahaha, I didn’t even noticed it, I had my eyes on the linen. Yes, that seems like badly done photoshop, weird, weird, shape.
      I need to check my glasses :))

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