9 Tricks to make your home guest friendly

If you love having people over at your home often or if you love to be surrounded by your friends all the time, you need a guest friendly home. Everybody loves this kind of place, and your home will come to live day by day so you will also enjoy it even more:

1. Start with the couch

The most welcoming piece of furniture in a home, is the couch. It has to be big, comfortable, but not too precious. Nobody likes to sit on furniture that looks like it’s from a museum. It looks good, but many people are scared to not break it.

9 Tricks to make your home guest friendly

2. Place a great coffee table

Next to the couch add a cool coffee table filled with lots of useful stuff. The most important thing is the reading material. Pick magazines, photo albums and other great readings that can keep your guest busy, especially if you can’t attend all of them. Add also candles, flowers and of course, a great set to serve coffee or tea.

9 Tricks to make your home guest friendly

3. Add a lot of mixed chairs

You have to have lots of different places to sit your guests. If you remember ”Friends” the mixed chairs were a fun solution for a dreamy home. Also, if you don’t have enough chairs, pillows are a great replacement for them.

9 Tricks to make your home guest friendly

4. Pick a dreamy dinner table and a gorgeous setting

Sometimes you will want to gather all your friends for a delicious dinner. Make sure you have a big or convertible table and also think of a cute or funny table setting. Pick printed plates, glasses with messages, funny napkins and any element that can be noticed by your guests.

9 Tricks to make your home guest friendly

5. Clear the clutter

Nobody wants to come in messy and crowded apartment. So make sure you get rid of all the clutter using storage solutions. Also, try to clean your home every day, little by little.

9 Tricks to make your home guest friendly

6. Make the lightning right

In the cold season you can use just a little bit of lightning for a cozy vibe and in the warm season make your room bright and beautiful. Also, floor lamps are the most popular when having guest around. Moreover, the cute lights added around the room are a dreamy setting that all your friends will love.

9 Tricks to make your home guest friendly

7. Go for a fireplace!

The fireplace is a very cozy element for a guest friendly home. You can have all your friends gathered around the fireplace in the cold season to share stories and memories. Great, right?

9 Tricks to make your home guest friendly

8. Add cute bath products

Your guest will inevitably use the bathroom, so make sure you have cute towels, a great soap, and a lovely sink. Of course, you need to make sure this space is perfectly clean.

9 Tricks to make your home guest friendly

9. Pick a mobile bar

This is a fun thing to have in a home full of guests. It can even transform a small visit into a cool party that your guests will really enjoy.


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  1. I think the most important thing is your point about being precious. Everybody appreciates great style, but nobody feels at ease in a place where a slip could lead to spoiling an incredibly expensive white sofa. Or a welcome cold drink leaves rings on a fancy coffee table. My sofas are white, but slipcovered and of a fantastic fabric that doesn’t hold stains (and they have gotten their share of spilled red wine, plus many other spills from visiting toddlers). We have coasters ready for the drinks. For overnight guests, make sure they can easily find things (like fresh rolls of toilet paper) and that you don’t have to go into their space if the guest room has a dual purpose.