3 Hot color trends for 2017


The color experts made their prediction for 2017 and we can’t wait to redecorate our home with these new cool shades. The color combos are versatile, fresh and so chic that any space will look great, especially on your Instagram feed. So, here are the top 3 color predictions and the hottest color mixing trends. Do tell us your favorite one!

1. A soft feeling

Pastel lemon, rose quartz, and mineral gray are the top tree shades for a soft and calm space and for a fresh twist into your dreamy home. If you mix the tree of them you will get a retro touch and a relaxed feeling into your home and you won’t get tired too soon of this cool look and misty colors.


colo trend prediction 2017

grey and lemon yellow
mineral grey and rose

2. Bold and colorful mixes

From a vibrant jade to a spicy red, the daring colors are huge trends for 2017. These rich colors go great in elegant and refined spaces and will make any interior looking fancy. So be bolder and bolder!

green jade interior

jade green space 2

spicy red interior

3. The dark neutral shades

Sometimes the interior seem to get darker and darker and also to get more mysterious and elegant. The dark shades also bring depth and intensity to your dreamy home and the neutral shades are the best if you are wishing for a dark interior. The colors can be layered for an ideal structural look. Note that the Earth tone shades and the rich jeweled shades are the most popular ones for his kind of space. dark space 1

dark neutral interior

dark space

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  1. Really, really nice again! 🙂 I’m not so keen on the pastel trend, but I really like the other two. I can imagine the dark neutral trend really taking off next year, especially as I’ve seen so many people posting about their dark interiors on instagram… i think Abigail Ahern is on to something with her dark paints! But personally my favourite is the second option: those bold bright hues being mixed together. I’m hoping to buy a victorian terrace next year and I think those sumptuous jewel tones would look great in a house with so much age and character… excited for 2017 now! 🙂