How to design the perfect gaming room

If you have a spare room in your home that is currently going to waste, why not consider turning it into games room? As something that can be enjoyed by the whole family, a games room can help you spend some quality time together while filling an unused space.

The first step to creating the space is to decorate it. Warm colours on the walls coupled with either pictures related to gaming or vintage board games pinned there will create a fun, friendly atmosphere for the room.

Once the room’s been prepared, it’s time to consider what games will be included within the space. A good place to start is to consider something like a dartboard. This is a very traditional form of gaming, but remains enormously popular – plus a dartboard will also provide further decoration for the walls of the room. You’ll also have the opportunity to hold competitions with family or friends, while the minimal space that it takes up will leave plenty of room for other games.

A snooker, pool or ping pong table will be another great addition to a gaming room as many of these can be neatly folded away when they are not in use – allowing the space available to be maximised – and they are also ideal for playing with friends. There are plenty of places where a ping pong table or a snooker or pool table can be bought online and they are choices no gaming room should be without.

A pinball machine is another fun gaming option that could be considered. These can also be bought fairly easily, although the prices and the sizes of these machines vary so you’ll need to check you have enough room to fit one in without compromising space for other games. 

A games console is also an excellent choice to add to any gaming room. The likes of Halo, Tekken and Call of Duty are loved by passionate console gamers, while Burnout, Guitar Hero or Rock Band will please the whole family.

Finally, given that online casino is another form of gaming that is rising in general popularity, adding some casino games to the room for those over 18 years old will always be a winner. Online casino on sites such as is always an option but of course, a poker table has been a staple addition to such rooms for years, as it lends itself to poker evenings with friends, but coupling it with a mini roulette wheel will give the room a strong casino vibe.

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